Ichigo Goes To War! Bambietta’s Vollstandig – Bleach 555


Bleach 555, a number which is always great to see. Ichigo gets all ready after all his training. We see his new, calm and confident form to which his larger blade goes behind him while the smaller on his right leg. After finding out the Invasion began three hours ago, he runs out and quickly goes there. Bambietta’s Vollstandig enables and quickly strikes Shinji, to which it seems like he got quite the hit. Her subordinate’s Vollstandig also gets activated. When will Ichigo arrive, it should be soon! 

Bleach 555 see’s Kirinji mentioning that they’re good to go, when Ichigo in his awesome form look appears with both his swords with him. His larger on his back for his right arm to use while left arm’s sword on his right leg. He appears agreeing that they should go. He looks for something, mentioning that there is a thing in which they came into the palace with. Kirinji tells him that he’s taking the scenic route back.

Senjumaru brings a large number of stairs all spiraling down to the ground. Kirinji mentions that he doesn’t mind sending him using the pillars however it’s not something they can keep on using. They’re going to have go down the good old fashion way. He mentions that it’s not much of a walk, at his normal pace it should take about a week. Kirinji’s thoughts predicts that he’s going to freak out.

However Ichigo mentions that it should be alright. Kirinji then mentions that it seems a little long, Ichigo mentions if it takes a week just by walking down, he’s going to speed down and get there in half a day! Kirinji looks at him and laughs out loud. Ichibei appears and mentions that he’s able to maintain his poise and composure. He then mentions that he doesn’t have to wait about making it in time because the Quincy have already begun their assault 3 hours ago.

He notices what has just been said and jumps off and quickly goes towards Seireitei! Ichibei mentions that he could not have told him because he was still training. Kirio appears and asks where he is, she calls his name and sends a quick snack mentioning that if he feels hungry half way he should eat that. He replies by saying that when he’s running empty, he’ll sneak away and grab a bite, calling her the best!

Kirio mentions that he’s completely changed from before, he’s gotten stronger, you can tell just by looking at his words. The fluctuating and spiking reiatsu of his seems almost like a lie. Ichibei steps in to say that he’s not gotten stronger, he’s just gotten mature, in other words he’s gotten stronger. He’s talking about his brute strength, his spirit, his repertoire have gotten stronger. He’s finally become an authentic shinigami.

While Ichigo is on a call with Urahara, he mentions that it’ll take him a little longer to get there. He mentions that even if they’re losing, they should tell them to hold on as he’s making his way there, as he’s going to do something about this. Urahara mentions that he’s going to wait for him. Ichigo ends the call and notices that Urahara didn’t mention anything about the situation in Soul Society, thus he should hurry.

We see Bambietta Basterbine’s Vollstandig, to which Shinji doesn’t understand what it is, however out of nowhere an explosion right beside Shinji happens to which Komamura also notices, Shinji may have been critically injured here. Candice notices that her wings have also come out, her Vollstandig has also been activated, although it doesn’t seem to be powerful enough.

Giselle mentions that she’s not going to use it now as it tires her out. Candice mentions that it does the same to her. Meninas mentions that Bambietta may be using hers, while someone else says that she’s always pissed off so most likely that she is. Giselle is surprised to know that she using it as she’s got a few screws loose, she also capable of ending this war in an instant. Bleach 555 ends here.

What power, Bambietta is going hard on towards both Shinji and Komamura, two captains may have to work together to battle such a powerful being. It’ll be hard but they’ll have to do something about this. Ichigo’s new powers also seem to be something that will defeat a lot of people, however will it be enough against Juha Bach and Uryu? Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 556!

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  1. nick dunn

    They always make Ichigo seem so damn powerful, but than someone else comes along and beats him or fights him equal. My guess is Uryu. From what I see, Bambietta is most likely more powerfull than Candice, Giselle, Liliotto, and Meninas. And Candice said only part if her Vollständig released. Which is was her Lightning Bolt looking wings. I bet not even Shinjis mask can keep him safe against Bambietta.


    1. nick dunn

      If you go to Bleach Wiki and look up Stern Ritter. They will show about 24 Stern Ritter. But I only believe the Royal Guard will get involved when more powerful Quincy show up. Like Jugram Haschwalth said. 🙂


          1. mabritish

            lol i guest usin some of the character’s name is nt a gud idea after all, cos nw he is lost. M lovin dis chapter, i hope dis time around dat ichigo knows his true (zanpakantou) has learn new abilities cos m tired of hearin hm cry getsuga tenshou all the time. On top of dat m vry enterested to see his new getsuga tenshou. It must be super powerful


    1. nick dunn

      He is pretty tricky. I do believe he will show up eventually. Maybe to fight The Royal Guard or Yhwach. But I personally believe ether Zaraki, Retsu, Royal Guard, or mabye new powerful Quincy will battle and probably defeat him. Cause I don’t see Aizen surviving this war.


      1. Aizen Mastermind

        Aizen plan all of this, after all he said that he don’t want to go out of prison .. He will be the bad guy agein for sure with some tricky plan..


        1. nick dunn

          No offense to any Aizen fans, but he will not be the evil master mind anymore. I’m sure he does have a plan. But I truly believe a Quincy of the Vandenreich will kill him. He didn’t even know the Quincy still exist until he saw Masaki. From what I can guess, he’s gonna have a hard time fighting the Quincy just like everyone else. The evil mastermind in thid war is obviously Yhwach. Who knows, maybe he will kill him. He killed Yamamoto and Yamamoto is much more powerful than Aizen.


  2. janoosen

    Time to wait 20 chapters (or maybe even longer) before Ichigo even gets there. In the meantime I hope we get to see some badass Kenpachi action seeing as he is somewhere between now and the half-day it will take for Ichigo to get there.


    1. nick dunn

      Zaraki is actually training do gain Shikai. And I bet he’s doing it with Retsu cause she didn’t die! Well thats what I think! Besides he and ichigo trained to gain Shikai. But they need Bankai to match the Quincys Vollständig.


      1. janoosen

        Zaraki’s Zanpakuto has always been in Shikai, he just couldn’t communicate with it until he defeated Unohana and got rid of his “shackles” so to speak. So it can’t be training to gain that since he already has it. Seeing as that restriction is now gone (the shackles he put on himself) he should’ve been on the battlefield quite some time ago. Unless…he’s trying to attain Bankai?

        I find it hard to believe Ichigo would need to train to attain Bankai again, he already knows the procedure so it shouldn’t be that hard for him.


        1. nick dunn

          Well he has Quincy powers as well. So its most likely gonna be more difficult than before. And he and Zaraki still need more training. This is the first day of 9 days when the universe ends. So this war is far from done.


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