Naruto and Obito’s Dream! Rin Watches Over – Naruto 653


Naruto 653 shows a Obito which we’ve never seen before, Obito seems to be going through a lot of feelings to which we see Obito notice that Rin will always be watching over him, to which he’ll than become a great Hokage. Naruto keeps on talking to him mentioning that he wants him to stop running and come back, to which he can pay for his crimes. Furthermore, they’re waiting for him to come to their side. Naruto extends his hand to deal on stopping this battle.

Naruto 653 begins as Obito mentions that there is no need to bring his name up anymore, he’s become fused with the Ten Tails, he can mentions that he’s transcended such a name. He’s no longer a human and thus he’s going to be the one to guide the next stage. He then calls himself the second Sage of the Six Paths! Naruto denies this and tells him that he’s Obito Uchiha!

Naruto mentions that his chakra clinged onto his and he could see his past, both of them lived their lives hoping to one day become the Hokage, to which they’re really alike. The fact that they don’t know their parents, having no one important to them , the loneliness was their biggest fear, always threatened by it. Naruto tells his story that at first he wanted to become acknowledge by someone, anyone.

If he was the same, then that would be reason to become Hokage, to get recognised. Naruto mentions that he should look at himself and consider how he’s turned the entire Shinobi world into their enemy, he also twisted so much that it would only be convenient for him. He won’t get any recognition from anyone, not even from the most important person.

Obito looks up while Naruto mentions that he’s not becoming the exact opposite of a Hokage, he was just like him, Obito stops him and mentions that because of this, he wanted to see the expression of his face when he experience the truth, the despair wrought by this world. He then talks about how the journey he took to become Hokage wasn’t wasted, every time they fight he reminds him of his former self.

He wanted to see if someone like him would also give into despair to the point that he’d throw away everything he’s held on. Naruto mentions that it’s because they’re so similar, adding that he’s pissed off at him. He mentions that he can’t just throw all those things aside and run away. Obito mentions what he’s doing is the same as what a Hokage would do. At this point he can say that he’s going above and beyond their duties as he intends to materialize global peace. Naruto asks if he’s being genuinely sincere.

Naruto asks if that is what he’s actually doing, because at this point he seems to be doing something altogether. Obito closes his eyes and remembers when Rin is helping him, he thanks Rin for saving him, it’s the same as him saving the world. She is surprised, he mentions that he wants to become Hokage and all, thus if he’s not in tip-top condition, so thus he mentions that it would be good if she stayed by his side, like watching over.

Obito mentions that he truly believes that he’s saving the world. Obito mentions that he cannot walk into an unknown destination without knowing what’s going to happen, like the unknown path. Without even expecting to step over corpses of all his comrades. If they wanted to choose the easy option, everyone would do so. Naruto mentions how he can say such a thing, what they want to know isn’t where the shortcut is, they’d like to know how to walk down a dangerous unknown path.

Naruto mentions that it’s not really a dangerous path, the person has to grow a pair and decide to go through that path themselves. To become Hokage means to endure that Pain and to walk down a path and lead by example. To be one that destroys any obstacle and paves the way for everyone else. There is no shortcuts to becoming Hokage, and no shortcuts to run away from it, once you become one!

Obito remembers when Rin was helping him and she had an angry face, he begins talks about other stuff when she hurts him and tells him that she can see through his facade, then telling him that she’s always watching. Rin mentions that he promised that he’d become a Hokage,  she always wants the war to end and save the world, then tells him that she’ll stay by his side and watch over him. Saving him is the same as saving the world she mentions.

She mentions that he can’t keep stuff from her anymore, then mentioning to give the enemy hell and become the most badass Hokage and show her how he’ll save the world, this being her promise. She holds his hands and brings him back to regroup. Obito remembers how she held his hand. Naruto mentions that he had thrown all his memories and feelings away from his comrades.

Just when he was about to get taken over by the Ten Tails, he suppressed the Ten tails, he didn’t just want to become its shell, he tried remembering his friends, he couldn’t toss aside his memories with Rin, Kakashi and Minato, he had to remember all of them! He held it while becoming his shell as well as having control.

Naruto mentions that he cannot have Obito becoming selfish and thus Naruto cannot forgive him. Obito is told to come back as Obito Uchiha of Konoha, and accept his punishment. As he’s now just running away. Naruto thinks that what lies ahead of him is nothing but the greatest fear, Loneliness.

Naruto mentions if Rin were still to be alive, she should probably say to stop putting a front and trying to hide behind it, remember that she’s always watching him. Naruto tells him to be himself, and stop running as they’re all waiting for him on Naruto’s side. Naruto at the same time extends his hands and we wait for Obito to either say no or to accept and stop the fight. Naruto 653 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, from what we’ve seen it really did seem like Rin liked Obito, and not the other way. However what we may have seen before may have just been Obito’s jealousy, nevertheless I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 654 to see what decision Obito makes, I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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  1. dreager1

    Whoa, what happened to Shonen Jump this week? Personally, I found all three (Naruto, One piece, and Bleach) to be underwhelming. Naruto was just a really long speech that felt dragged out and Bleach showed Squad 0 too much. Once again, they’re too scared to actually go and fight…<_< The Ichigo scene was inspired by Goku's travel across Snake Way which is definitely pretty fun. The ending was the best part for Bleach so I'm looking forward to next week. For Naruto….I'm hoping that Tobi rejects his offer and then we can get back to the fight!


    1. Sunite

      Agree on the point where I can’t wait for Bambietta to fight, however Naruto was awesome! Bleach was good too! I hope Obito does accept the offer forcing Madara to take over, I don’t know how he’s going to do it, but I hope it forces Madara to fight at this point…


      1. dreager1

        It just felt really dragged out. I believe that the speech could have been handled in half of the chapter so that things can start to happen. I don’t want Tobi to turn good because that’s already happened so much in Naruto. Orochimaru turning good was where I had to draw the line. That was immensely cheesy


        1. Sunite

          Do remember that he’s purpose is to collect as much info as possible, he’s neither good or bad, he’s purpose was to be awesome by collecting. From the shinobi point of view it seemed like he was the bad guy. He also had his point of view. I like how everyone’s fighting together, showing the true power of the Shinobi Alliance.


          1. dreager1

            The second that he started doing live experiments and essentially torturing people, he completely turned evil. No matter what the goal is, when you do something that is bad, you’re evil. A good example of this is Light Yagami. He wanted to end all evil so he started murdering the murderers. That’s certainly one way to end crime, but since he’s commiting crimes, then he’s evil.

            Orochimaru murdered the 3rd Hokage and Gaara’s father. He kidnapped many people from the Leaf Village and killed them. Not to mention that he’s done numerous other cruel things in the past as well, so I’d definitely put him on the bad side.

            I’m glad that everyone’s helping, but they’re so outclassed at this point, that they really need to fall back and not get in Naruto’s way. They can give him moral support or something


            1. Sunite

              Well… I guess from that point of view it seems like he’s a bad dude however from what he’s doing now he seems like a new man, taking care of Sasuke and watching over him. I’m sure he still wants Sasuke to be his next body. I believe he’s both good and bad at times.


              1. dreager1

                But you can’t be good and bad. It’s morally impossible. If he were to repent for what he has done and turn into a complete hero, then that’s another story, but I don’t think that he will. You can’t just have a foot in each corner, you’re either good or bad


  2. Zetsu

    It didn’t need 2 take the whole chapter and it was pretty long.was that still happening in obito’s head?orochimaru is a dirty bad ass,he made hungry and tired people kill themselves and feeding manda with people,when he started his motive was not bad but then everything changed.if it weren’t 4 obito the 5 great ninja nations would still be divided,he has done more than a kage,a war against all of them was just what they needed,just that madara can’t see that after the war it would be peaceful and boring,he isn’t doing this 4 the world as he claimed,he is just being selfish.


  3. janoosen

    If Obito actually gets talk no jutsu’d out of continuing what has been his goal for who knows how many years…then Kishimoto is officially one of the worst writers around. Well, he already is but he’ll become even worse. He’s been there and done that with Pain, we don’t need the same thing to happen again…least of all with Obito.


  4. ben

    kishimoto seems to like the the theme- love is greater than hate, light overcomes darkness, mercy is better and justice and they lived happily ever after…bla bla bla.
    Naruto will end like the ultimate fairy tale, the bad guys become good, no more evil bla bla bla and at last he world becomes normal and boring once more.

    To escape this uninteresting end, naruto may end up a tragedy, d hero dies for everyone and his memory ensures eternal peace


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