Hashirama’s Dream! 5 Kage’s Back – Naruto 648


Naruto 648 begins to tell the tale of Hashirama’s dreams in which he spoke during the first Kage meet up. He told them about his peace, everyone feels this due to Ino’s technique. While Obito faces the wrath of Naruto in his Kurama Form and Sasuke in his Susanoo with Senjutsu, Madara and Hashirama keep fighting, we also see the Five Strong Kage’s return into battle with their might and power to fight against the greater enemy.

Naruto 648 begins with Naruto telling Sasuke that he’s going with him, Obito realises that he’s not going to give up. Minato keeps giving Naruto more and more chakra, Naruto’s Kurama thanks Minato’s Kurama for giving more chakra. Sasuke tells Naruto not to put him on the same level as him as he can also use his own Senjutsu.

Suigetsu asks if what he sees is Sasuke’s curse seal pattern as it seems like he should have lost it. Orochimaru explains that originally Jugo’s curse seal is Senjutsu, when Sasuke was injected with this he was certainly able to release this power, therefore at this point, Sasuke is able to use Jugo’s powers. Tobirama realises that Sasuke has the potential to be the same as Madara in power. Suigetsu asks if he should join them, when he gets smacked by Karin.

Orochimaru wonders that Sasuke’s powers are not like Karin, Suigetsu or Jugo. He’s are different, and they’re not even at its maximum, he knows from all the information he’s gathered that he has the ability to even surpass Madara. Tobirama wonders that Naruto is just like his brother, a brat but has people who rely and like him.

Both Naruto and Sasuke join towards Obito to which Obito seems like he’s going to guard himself from it. Rest of the shinobi’s have no idea what they’re going to do. Hashirama remembers the moment he spoke to Madara before he left the village, about his true vision. We then go to the First Kage meeting to which Hashirama thanks everyone for coming plus he even cries because he’s too happy.

The Raikage tells him to raise his head as a long lasting leader will not do something like this. The Mizukage mentions that he must convince him to sign the agreement proposed by Hashirama, but he won’t do it so easily. Mizukage mentions that if he acts so humble, he’s going think there is something wrong there. Kazekage mentions they’re there to sign the agreement for Bijuu distributed among the villages, they just think it’s business and nothing else.

They all get the feelings in which Hashirama had during the First Kage meeting. Naruto and Sasuke attack Obito, Hashirama and Madara keep on fighting. The Kazekage proposes that they’re country is made of sand, since the leaf is adjacent to them, they want a part of their wealthy land instead of a Bijuu, as well as 30% they’re going to pay to buy the Bijuu.

Every other Kage begins to shout at him saying that it’s too much, Kazekage mentions that if they don’t accept his not going to sign it. They even mention that they could join forces and destroy the wind country. Hashirama lowers his head and speaks, that even if their agreements go smoothly, he doesn’t think that it will last for long. He dreams of a time where all shinobi’s can cooperate with each other, that’s his dream for the future.

We see the awesome Kage’s arrive and everyone’s faces getting stronger and stronger. Hashirama mentions that he would like to take the first step towards his dream, for his dear children, he tells everyone to bring together their pain, suffering, rage and show him their real dream to fight. The Kage’s stand strong with each other. Naruto 648 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, can’t believe we got to see the Kage’s who built their villages, it’s going to be awesome seeing how the fight continues as it seems that the Kage’s are once again going to join the battle, hopefully they’re fully healed and back to 100% before fighting, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 649.

There are 6 comments

  1. jasper

    i don’t think sasuke has senjutsu..its just that he adapts to jugo’s powers very well…i think naruto’s senjutsu will do more damage than sasuke’s…


  2. rise

    is annoys the hell out of me that they’re showing sasuke as a equal to naruto while naruto is in bijuu mode, even though naruto only has half of the nine tails power, it tells me that sasuke is as strong as half of its power


  3. jasper

    no matter what he does…he will always be outclassed by naruto…besides i think orochimaru has a plan for sasuke…kishimoto should just hurry up and give naruto the other half of kurama..or show us the power of the tailed beast chakra given to naruto…..


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