Reason Why Levi Joined Survey Corps?

Have you asked yourself why Levi joined the Survey Corps? Not a lot of people asked themselves this question. The answer to this question is obviously a spoiler, so if you want to know keep on reading if you don’t, stop now. Every Scout has their reason to join, from nowhere else to go to revenge and killing of Titan’s. For Levi however it’s a whole different matter.

The recent announcement of Attack On Titan spin-off comic which will run in Shojo manga magazine wasn’t fully understood by some fans as it will be done by Sunaaku Gan and Suruga Hikaru and no the original author of Attack on Titan, Isoyama Hajima. However the biggest surprise here was that the preview for “Kui Naki Sentaku (A Choice With No Regrets” visual novel, included a Blu-ray volume 3 and to be released 18th of September in Japan, has the reason why Levi originally joined the Survey Corps! Spoiler Below!

Irvin are you going to kill me levi

Irwin: “Are you going to kill me, Levi?”

Levi reason I joined Survey Corps is

Levi: “Yeah, the reason why I joined the Survey Corps is ……”

Levi wants to kill IrvinLevi: “Irvin, so that I can kill you.”

So it seems that Levi joined the Survey Corps/Scouts in order to somehow kill Irvin when he feels whatever he’s done wrong and that it’s the right time to get some kind of revenge. This reason will need a lot of other proof and why Levi really wants to kill Irvin. What is your reaction to this, tell me what you think in the comment section below! Don’t tell me that I spoiled it for you because I mentioned it in the text above.

Source: CR Image: kagalin

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  1. janoosen

    Unless Isayama Hajime says otherwise it would be silly to interpret this as anything else than non-canon material. That and when I see the screenshots above it just seems highly unlikely overall considering the huge amount of respect and trust they have for each other (not to mention they don’t look anything like their manga/anime counterparts at all, Levi doesn’t look like Levi at all). Also, why would Isayama Hajime allow something like this, if it was true, to be revealed in a visual novel rather than his own manga? That wouldn’t make any sense at all. I *strongly* believe this is not the reason Levi joined the Survey Corps or that he has a grudge against Irwin at all.

    Either way, this was quite an interesting what-if.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I see you’re point, its true that it’s not the original author, but there is no restriction in the original giving others a few spoilers to use. I see you’re point and it does seems unlikely, however after the anime and manga, I believe that this could be true.


  2. AngelLan

    Well the new spinoff manga “The Birth of Levi” aka the one they talk about above, is rumored that Isayama Hajime (actual spelling) is directly associated (not just owning the characters but may be helping) with the spinoff. But for sure, even the manga says, they are “In Partnership with Attack On Titan Production Committee”. If you guys are interested, I’ll put the link in.


    I take no credit…… LOL


  3. Levi Rivaille

    For me it is possible because Erwin is the ape titan and maybe Erwin is the one responsible for the death oh his parents and most of all this is the epic comment maybe Levi know that Erwin is the ape titan that’s all


  4. ArminArlert

    Bruh, have any of you guys read the manga? (SPOILER) The reason why Levi and his friends joined the Survey Corps was because, one, he was forced to, and two, he was asked to steal these certain documents from Erwin and kill him afterwards by some guy who promised them something.


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