Gray Grows Young! Young Erza vs Minerva – Fairy Tail 348


Fairy Tail 348 shows us that Minerva fights a Young Erza which makes it seem impossible that Erza is going to win, since her body is of a younger age, she won’t be able to defend herself properly. Natsu keeps on running towards the voice. Flare mentions to Lucy and Wendy that she was alone and never had anyone her size, therefore she was desperate and joined Raven Tail.

Fairy Tail 348 begins as Flare mentions that she used to live in this village, however she didn’t like standing out or being different from everyone else. This is when she left, from that point she had never met anyone her size. This began to build feet in her, therefore she was forced to join Raven Tail, she knew they hated Fairy Tail which she thought was natural. Wendy mentions that it’s all right, however she mentions that she’s sorry.

She begins to cry, she mentions that the Eternal Flame can help with all this ice, she mentions that she can come with her to which she’ll show them the flame. Happy and Carla are scared that there seems to be a bird like thing flying above them, they mention that they won’t be flying as it’s too dangerous. Natsu keeps on running towards the voice.

We move onto Minerva and Flare as Erza is quickly being shot down while Minerva uses her magic to hurt her. Minerva laughs and mentions that the great Erza is being reduced to a mere toddler which can’t seem to do a lot. Erza keeps getting beaten. Minerva mentions that she wants to toy with her more until she’s happy with the humiliation on her at the Grand Magic Tournament.

Gray keeps on running until he see’s a member of the Succubus Eye, he asks if he’s part of the thieves, he mentions that he’s annoyed that humans are showing up one by one. Gray notices his mouth, when the man mentions that he’s going to eat him up. Out of nowhere, Gray seems to have turned small. The man climbs towards him. Gray seems to be remembering all of his memories from his past. He screams out, the man holds his face, he mentions that he’s standing on the door before the underworld.

Gray hears a voice which tells him that the Deliora is gone, he knows that it’s gone but it’s what killed his mother and father. Ui stand begins him naked telling him to bring out his courage and defeat the enemy standing before him, their friends are in danger. He realises this and uses his own tear to help him make it into ice, the man let’s go off Gray.

Gray notices everything around him, the ice, demon, kid and moon drop. He mentions that he must be in a sorry state at this point for what he’s doing at the moment, at the moment he’s all right. He asks if he’s the one responsible for all that’s been going on in the village, the man mentions that what if he actually did. Gray mentions that the ice magic he’s using is disgraceful. He mentions that he’ll show him how it’s really done. Fairy Tail 348 finishes here.

A great chapter, I think all of the Fairy Tail members on the island will be turned into younger versions of themselves. And if they can’t turn back, they’ll certainly have a bad time. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 349, titled “The Demon’s Dryad”, which is most likely to deal with this new and dreaded character.

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