Kurama, the 9 Tails! Son Goku, Sasuke Escapes – Naruto Shippuden 326

Naruto talks to Son Goku

Naruto Shippuden 326 makes me happy as we finally learn the name of the Nine Tails! Kurama is his name, sleeping is his game. We also get to meet Son Goku, the 4 tailed beast. We see Sasuke escape from Tobi’s compound, this time he has Itachi’s eyes, he uses it’s Mangekyou Sharingan to defeat Zetsu using it’s Susanoo. Kakashi is running out of chakra while he and Guy fight the Jinchuuriki’s. Naruto was swallowed by Son Goku, thus he was able to talk to him.

Naruto Shippuden 326 begins as there seems to be some kind of trembling some fighting going on as Sasuke gets pissed off and kills white Zetsu using his Susanoo. He takes the bandages off and we see his brand new Mangekyou Sharingan. He escapes from the compound all prepared, he’s ready to go and join the battle.

Suigetsu and Jugo are walking by, Suigetsu mentions that it’s best to keep away from Karin and Sasuke as she has a massive crush on him. They mention that they’ll just keep on gathering blades and meddle in things. Plus Suigetsu mentions that they’ll go to Orochimaru’s hideout.

Guy and Kakashi save Naruto. Naruto quickly mentions what’s going on with the current situation. The Five tails begins its attack, it seems to be heading towards Bee, however Tobi notices something subspecies. He quickly enables his technique and uses he’s chains to hold the beast back. The Five Tails mentions that how she can let someone like him to do such deeds on her. It begins to turn into its Jinchuuriki form, the others show up.

Bee asks if he heard that voice which was from the Five Tails emotions. Kurama mentions that Him and Bee are an exception as they’re in a different situation. Gyuki mentions that they should just help each other, to make themselves stronger. Kurama mentions that he’s going for a nap. Naruto begins to laugh when Kakashi notices.

The enemy approaches, Kakashi and Guy are ready. They attack some of them, but three go towards Naruto. He uses his Rasengan to help him push them back. Kakashi and Guy notice that they’re not using any of Pain’s techniques. There must be something wrong. It’s possible that they cannot use them since they take a lot of chakra.

Naruto keeps fighting, Tobi notices how troublesome Kakashi can be. So he will now bring out two Beasts, Son Goku and Saiken, the fourth and sixth tails. They’re powerful. Bee tells Naruto not to use a lot of chakra, however Gyuki mentions that Naruto should have already died since Kurama’s been sucking his chakra, however it seems that has stopped. Kurama remember all the times Naruto has got his back. Son Goku and Saiken attack. Naruto gets trapped between Son Goku’s mouth.

Kurama notices on, Guy and Kakashi notice Naruto’s situation. They’re also trapped since Saiken attack from the front and Han’s partial from the back. Kakashi brings a clone. They attack with Kakashi’s lightning cable, and Guy opening more gates. They want to wrap everything there and help Naruto.

Kurama notices that Gyuki tells him to give Naruto some of his chakra to help him like he did with the other Naruto clone. He mentions that he will not, he remembers the moment he first met Madara. He was taken by Madara, Hashirama also mentions that he must not be allowed to stay free. Mito from the Uzumaki mentions that he must stay within her and stay quite. Kushina also mentions the same thing. However Naruto mentions that he will try and take all that hatred from him.

Son Goku let’s go and Naruto falls inside him. He falls and seems to have woken up inside Son Goku’s inner place where he seems to be chained up. He mentions that he must call him Son Goku. Naruto is shocked that he has a name, he mentions that he won’t give him his power. Naruto says sorry and Son Goku notices that he’s genuine. Son Goku reveals the Nine Tailed name as Kurama.

Son Goku mentions that all humans want is to imprison them, Naruto remembers a moment when he was being looked on by a family, he throws noodle on them. He mentions to Son Goku that he knows the feeling, all he wanted was to be noticed, he also had a name in which his parents and master gave him. However Tobi doesn’t have a name and only wants to destroy this world.

Son Goku asks what he wants to do with them, Naruto mentions that he wants to be like Gyuki and Bee, when they can fight and still be friends and talk like friends and be however they want to each other. Son Goku begins to laugh, only to notice that Naruto is serious. Kurama also notices the same, he wants to help him. He mentions that Naruto was eaten, what is he going to do now he asks. Son Goku mentions for him to undo the chains so he can help Naruto out. Naruto Shippuden 326 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, it’s surely getting better and better, especially after finding out Nine Tail’s name to be Kurama! This is fantastic, it’s going to be getting better and better as the episodes progress. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 327, titled “Nine Tails”, when we see Kurama’s and others Jinchuuriki possibly gather.

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  1. TJ

    The thing that surprised me was Kokuou’s(Gobi’s) voice. I always thought that he was male because his name means “Respectful King”. But, we sometimes see male characters with female voices such as Naruto and Konohamaru.

    I can’t wait to hear Matatabi, Isobu, Saiken, and Choumei’s voices. I think Matatabi and Choumei will have the female voice, Isobu probably because he is shy, and Saiken will have the deep male voice. 🙂


    1. Sunite

      I never ever thought that they were either or, I didn’t even think if they were male or female. I’m sure there are an equal number of male and female, to make it somewhat even. Hopefully we’ll soon see it 😛


  2. pain vs naruto

    I never ever thought that they were either or, I didn’t even think if they were male or female. I’m sure there are an equal number of male and female, to make it somewhat even. Hopefully we’ll soon see it 😛


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