Lucy, Wendy and Flare vs Treasure Hunters – Fairy Tail 347


Fairy Tail 347 shows the end of the Treasure Hunters from Sylph Labyrinth as Lucy, Wendy and Flare fight them head on. We find out that Flare was raised by the giants in the Sun Village, she has come home to find out what has happened. She wants to get revenge on whoever has done this, especially those who wants to get the Eternal Flame.

Fairy Tail 347 begins as Hiroshi and Lala mention Flare is their ally. Wendy and Lucy both thank her and ask her why she’s there. She mentions that she was stalking Lucy, in fact she’s always been stalking her. She mentions that she was kidding, she mentions that she didn’t have a place to return to, so she went back to her home.

She reveals the crease on her breast is of the sun village. She was raised by the giants at a very young age. When she arrived, she found all of this which she won’t forgive whoever had done it. Hiroshi and Lala mention that it wasn’t them, they just want the Eternal Flame. Flare mentions that it’s important to the village and won’t let anyone take it.

Hiroshi steps in and cuts her hair when it tries to attack, Cancer is quickly called by Lucy to help Flare with her hair. Lucy mentions that they’ll also protect the giants. Flare is quickly back in action. Lala goes to attack Wendy when Flare stops his attack. Sagittarius is told to stay on alert of the sniper. Lucy brings out Virgo and asks her to dig down but is unable to dig because of the special ice. Sagittarius also get shot down. Drake mentions that he shouldn’t underestimate modern weaponry.

Flare’s hair keeps on getting cut even after using even more powerful techniques, however as they fall, her hair begins to burn and explodes hurting Hiroshi. Wendy hits Lala, but then is captured by his large hand. He mentions that she’ll never escape from his hand. Lucy is nearly shot, Flare’s hair is also captured.

As Lucy and the other struggle, Hiroshi mentions that they’re 10 years to early to be fighting them, they should be doing something else in their condition. Lucy calls them idiots, then mentions that it’s a hundred years too early for them to pick a fight with them. Wendy breaks Lala’s arms, Flare extends her hair and captures Hiroshi and Leo appears behind Drake who he throws towards Lucy.

At this point, Wendy uses her Wing attack, Flare uses her Chidori and Virgo and Lucy kick Hiroshi. All three of them disappearing into the sky just like in Pokemon. They’ve all worked together in sync, Lucy mentions that they’ve done it, Flare agrees and smiles back to Lucy. Fairy Tail 347 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, next week’s Fairy Tail 348 chapter is surprisingly named Return of the Demon which makes me wonder what it could mean. Could Flare go back to acting her bad self or could it be referring to Minerva and Erza’s match, should be interesting to see whats up during next week’s Fairy Tail 348 chapter.

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