Inside World – Ichigo Kurosaki

inside_world_by_silvercore94-d6gvr32Ichigo Kurosaki goes in and out from his Inner World, every time he goes in, he comes out a changed man. Every time he talks to Zangetsu, or now known as a younger Juha Bach as well as Hollow Ichigo, he either gains a newer and better power which he’ll be able to defeat his opponent, from his fight against Zaraki to his upcoming battle against the Quincies. He’ll always be with his companions in his inner world!

The incredible image above was done by SilverCore94 who’s done an incredible job of showing us this cool moment. If you like the above image, you should go and check out his profile, he’s got a ton of great and amazing artwork based on a lot of amazing anime’s, definitely worth a check.

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