Ol’ Man Zangetsu is Juha Bach (Yhwach) from 1000 years ago! – Bleach 540


Bleach 540 reveals why Zangetsu and Juha Bach (Yhwach) are so similar in the way they look. It’s mentioned while Nimaiya reforges his sword that Zangetsu is not who he seems to be, in fact Ichigo has been lied to as the Zangetsu we know is Juha Bach’s form from 1000 years ago, who has been within Ichigo’s Soul! Nimaiya gets serious and calls upon his woman to help him reforge Ichigo’s Zangetsu Sword.

Bleach 540 begins as Nimaiya gets prepared, he calls out to begin his show! 5 Zanpakuto’s show up behind Ichigo, they land and quickly beat up Nimaiya while they get down, probably to get him all fired up to do his work. Nimaiya’s private escort team show up. Ichigo and Zangetsu are both flabbergasted by what just happened.

Nimaiya mentions that he’s spacing out, he mentioned for this to include everything, this includes Asauchi, the body of his starts to degrade and begins to form itself into a thin object. His companions gets set and do what they’re suppose to. The first, his companion blows a large amount of fire into a wall, the next pours the collected fire or lava into a large bucket.

The next uses her pony tails to collect the metal, the fourth takes a tooth from her mouth, to which instantly forms into a large hammer for Nimaiya to use. Lastly, Nimaiya Oetsu himself gets ready, he ties his hair back, takes his sunglasses off and mentions that it’s finally time to get busy.

Nimaiya pulls back and smashes the metal collected, Ichigo watches from the back as Nimaiya does his job. Nimaiya asks what’s going on in the head of his, he goes on to mention that it would have been more productive of him to use his sunglasses at this point. He notices that Nimaiya called him Chan-Ichi.

Nimaiya calls him an idiot, if he had his shades on, he wouldn’t be able to see the shades of the flames. He also asks if he noticed the reason why his Asauchi turned whiter than snow when he touched him. Ichigo didn’t really bother to give a reason. Ichigo wonders what he’s talking about when he mentions that it’s just like the hollow with Nimaiya.

He mentions that he also has an inner hollow, he made the Asauchi like this in order to draw out his Zanpakuto. He asks if he gets it, he goes on to make it clear that this Hollow is his Zanpakuto! The hollow that Aizen artificially made were from piling up shinigami souls, which was called and referred to white. Furthermore, the Asauchi’s in which Nimaiya makes is the same way.

The hollow entered Ichigo and merged with Ichigo’s own shinigami powers, therefore he is Ichigo’s true Zanpakuto! Therefore the person he’s been talking with, Zangetsu, is infact inside Ichigo’s Soul! He’s been faking and pretending to be his Zanpakuto! Zangetsu quickly appears, Ichigo appears in front of him.

Nimaiya talks to Ichigo, he asks if he knows that man, he goes on to mention that it’s Zangetsu, however he quickly corrects him, mentioning that this is not Zangetsu! Nimaiya mentions that the person is in fact an imposter and that he should be able to connect all the dots quickly. Nimaiya mentions that he’s the man currently taking advantage of Soul Society! Juha Bach! (Yhwach).

Ichigo is completely shocked at this point, he’s always trusted him and now he finds out that this person is in fact someone else. Nimaiya also reveals that that guy is not a Shinigami, and doesn’t have any Shinigami powers, in fact he is his Quincy powers! It’s correct to assume that this person is in fact Juha Bach (Yhwach) from a thousand years ago! Bleach 540 ends here.

What a crazy episode, I knew there were similarities within who we thought was Zangetsu and the current Juha Bach! But this is just awesome, how could this have happened and it’s awesome to know, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 541, to find out how this happened in the first place!


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    1. Riku rage kazuya

      he more than likely is, but as like he said “white” (ichigo’s inner hollow) is what woke his shinigami powers. Juha Bach being there to train him was trying to wake up his quincy powers to bring him to his side. Now i think ichigo is going to have to re attain his zanpaktou’s powers, training not with what we knew as “Zangetsu” but with the real form of his zanpaktou.


      1. Sunite

        Hmmm I think you might be correct, but I’m guessing it won’t take a lot of time, in fact Ichigo already has the skills attained from before. I think the issue now will be the explanation from Juha Bach to why he’s there in the first place.
        Plus once Zangetsu’s sword is repaired, Ichigo will be able to view it. Also when Juha Bach mentioned a long time ago that he only want to protect Ichigo, when he wanted the Final Tensa Zangetsu, I think he truly did, or that he didn’t want to disappear, it’s would be one or the other.


      2. rukia ^^

        in one episode i heard hollow ichigo saying to zangetsu or as we know juha bach should we tell him? with him replying no someday he will know the truth (if i remembered correctly) he was fighting hollow ichigo in that episode if i was right


          1. Edward Anthony

            You committed a mistake. Tensa Zangetsu is not the Manifestation of Yhwach 1000 years ago ( which is not Zangetsu ). Old Man ” Zangetsu ” is not Zangetsu, the Inner Hollow and Tensa Zangetsu are Zangetsu. The Inner Hollow is Zangetsu and Ichigo’s Bankai, the essence of his Shinigami Within, is Tensa Zangetsu. His Quincy Within is Old Man ” Zangetsu ” which is not Zangetsu to begin with.


  1. geo92

    hahaha the first time i saw juha i said he looks like zangetsu now all makes sense…he used bankai withought even know that he is not his real zanpakuto…thats even a huge proof to those who still dont believe that kenpachi is already in shikai form…and if i remember right back then on the past the whitey said to ichigo that his nothing withought him how true he was~


    1. Sunite

      Fully agreed, it does somewhat prove this, however I still do believe that Juha Bach was manipulating Zangetsu and making it seems as though he was Zangetsu. haha yeah Zangetsu was true to say this 😛 I always though that Ichigo’s Hollow, Shinigami parts were separated, however this is false as Zangetsu is both shinigami and hollow. Juha Bach is the part of his soul which is Quincy.
      I think that Ichigo always had Quincy powers in him, but the reason he got Juha Bach in his soul, could be while Juha Bach was sucking and stealing powers from all impure Quincies, Masaki and Ichigo were together, she laid her life down in order to protect him. Somehow when Juha Bach was stealing Masaki’s power, Ichigo saw that his mother was dead, and this built his power to protect, therefore somehow he sucked in some of Juha Bach’s powers while he sucked Masaki’s, thus he can see Juha Bach.
      Furthermore an explanation to why Juha Bach cannot stay long in Soul Society could be because a part of the main Juha Bach is still in Ichigo, therefore he wants to adopt Ichigo and take that part away from him, making him whole again, thus able to stay in Soul Society for a longer period of time.


        1. Sunite

          Im not fully sure if I’m correct or anything, I asked a few people about my theory and they said other things. So at this point, I think most things can be true…


      1. Ranxiu

        You know who else lived after her mom protected him from some malevolent overlord and now has part of the guy’s soul in him?



  2. Mr mcgee

    So essentially we have not seen ichigos real Bankai yet because he was using his quincy powers to achieve his bankai, which was in a sense his shikai, this is gonna get real interesting ..


      1. Ichi.d.Ace

        yes remember it’s always hollow ichigo who taught him everything and hollow ichigo has nerver mention his name remember the fight with byakuya


          1. Ichi.d.Ace

            or it mayby just the manifastation of ichigo quincy power and it too the form of the original quincy thats all because if he was bad he wuold have kill ichigo long before he become strong


  3. Bhungane69

    zangetsu or juha … I wanna see Kenpachi the war potential … Please kubo let zaraki kill juha, ichigo has all the fun always… And what of kenpachi’s vise captain?? Whats her power


  4. AznTony

    I don’t believe Zangetsu has any malice seeing as it’s just his Quincy powers. And like how his hollow form is from that one with the black face infecting his mom then what I’m thinking is that since all Quincy’s are related in some way since they like incest then maybe Ichigo’s mom is closely related to Juha is some way and that’s just the form his Quincy powers took.


    1. Ichi.d.Ace

      or mayby its because juha is the original quincy since his mom is a pure blood mayby thats why ichigo’s power took that form


  5. Tsumahana Dustin

    I knew that Hollow Ichigo was special I liked him better than Ichigo himself! Kubo always favours his main character (especially Kishimoto-sensei) So I wouldn’t hold my breath on Kenpachi vs Juha Bach…Ichigo will face Juha Bach w/out fail! Byakuya-taicho where are you?


  6. Tracey Darren

    They never said that Zangetsu WAS Juha. What they said was that Zangetsu’s form was that of Juha’s from one thousand years ago. His looks, his appearance, his FACE! It was not him. And if you think about it it makes sense because look at his sword’s only attack, the Getsuga Tenshou. It’s one big quincy attack. Collecting and firing Reishi from the blade.


      1. Sunite

        I believe it’s because Zangetsu derives from Isshin himself, he’s not from Ichigo. When Isshin lost locked his powers by using his shell, he must have passed some of Zangetsu’s power to Ichigo


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