The Female Dragon Slayer – Natsu Dragneel

natsu_63_by_nicksor-d64wuq1Ever wondered how Natsu Dragneel would look as a female character? Well the image above illustrates how a female Natsu would looks awesome as well as strong. In usual Fairy Tail style, I’m sure that she’d be a massive fan service towards all the fans that would watch it, she’d also be really powerful, seeing as though she’s the female version of the great and powerful Natsu Dragneel. What would you call the female version?

The fantastic artwork above of a female Natsu Dragneel was drawn by Nicksor who did an amazing job of making it. He’s also got a good number of different types of art which I think you should definitely check out.


There are 4 comments

  1. anne623

    Hahaha. I think for the name it would not be a little far away from his original name, right ?
    Maybe for me it would be “Natsumi Dragneel” .. just my opinion, guys don’t hate me for it….


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