Dragon Slayers Ready! Zirconis’ Powers – Fairy Tail 330

fairy_tail_330___poof__by_i_azu-d64yy0b fairy_tail_330___coloring___deohvi_by_deohvi-d64sc3j natsu_330_by_eternajehuty-d64rfao ft_330__my_magic_will_defeat_you_by_nekorikachan-d64xihi fairy_tail_330___fried_coloring___deohvi_by_deohvi-d64wrlqCobra appears to attack Dragon Dragon drops eggs Laxus gets fired up Lucy's cloths disappear naked Working together NatsuFairy Tail 330 sets up the Dragon Slayers in their position to who they should attack. Natsu already has his dragon as well as Future Rogue to deal with. Wendy sees Zirconis’ powers when he eliminates all cloths a person has, he even does this to Lucy. Wendy tells him that her powers will be more than enough to destroy him. Cobra shows up to help Blue Pegasus, Laxus and his team takes on the Fire covered Dragon.

Fairy Tail 330 begins with Future Rogue telling Natsu that all they’re doing is nothing but useless crap, nothing, not even humans, will be able to defeat the dragons. Natsu replies telling him, if that is what it takes then he will stop being a human being. Future Rogue calls out his dragons name, Mothergrea, which launches a number of eggs which when broken, they hatch into smaller animals.

Laxus out of nowhere gets ready and attacks the Fire Dragon in front of him, he mentions that the bigger dragon there is theirs, while the smaller ones are for the other members of Fairy Tail. Raijinshuu appear telling everyone that they are there to also protect him when he needs it. Mavis repeats Natsu’s words mentioning that only Dragon Slayers can go up against Dragons, Gajeel is also told by Laxus to go and find a dragon.

Sting tells Rogue to go and find another dragon, he mentions that Natsu’s shout gave him a boost of courage, not the courage to fight, but the courage to protect his comrades. Rogue also mentions that the era of the dispassionate Sabertooth is over, it’s time for them to move forward.

A rock Dragon appears in front of Blue Pegasus, in which they don’t seem to have any Dragon Slayers, even sex appear doesn’t work against the dragons. Ichiya appears and takes out a perfume in which he uses on the Dragon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, the Rock Dragon mentions that he doesn’t have a nose and thus he will not smell it. Out of nowhere, the Rock Dragon sustains some damage from something, it’s reveled that Cobra has attacked the Dragon breaking a bunch of rocks!

Blue Pegasus already know that it’s Cobra from Oracion Seis. Lahar and Doranbolt talk about talking to Jellal, they worry about what’s about to happen to them, however they must save the present for them to live in the future. They also decide to join the battle. Natsu mentions that everyone’s giving it their all, if they work together, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish!

Zirconis faces Lucy and the others, he asks which one of them will be eaten first. Wendy asks Zirconis is he doesn’t remember talking to them before, Carla mentions that the person they talked to was his dead spirit, Carla quickly shouts at her mentioning that the only person that can slay this dragon is a Dragon Slayer, and that would be her.

Zirconis mentions that he’ll just eat them all at once. He attacks them all at once  missing Lucy and the others, he gets all the soldiers, once the smoke clears, it’s revealed that their armor and cloths have all disappeared, Zirconis mentions that humans are tasty however their cloths are uneatable from them, so he removes their cloths for easier eating.

They all retreat after their cloths is taken off them. Zirconis mentions that men taste bad, however woman taste a lot better. He looks at Lucy and and quickly releases his magic, since dragon’s are also capable of wielding magic. In a poof, Lucy’s cloths disappear, his magic strips humans of their dignity, Wendy is unimpressed and thus mentions that her magic will be the magic that will crush him! Fairy Tail 330 ends here.

What a great and fantastic episode, Wendy has really gotten powerful, however it’s finally time for them to all prove their worth, Fairy Tail has the most Dragon Slayers and that’s a good thing since Zirconis is about to also attack her, and for the fan service of this chapter, Lucy is there once more. Nevertheless, it’s going to be another awesome chapter Fairy Tail 331, next week titled “Natsu’s Strategy”. Can’t wait for what Natsu has to offer during next week’s episode.

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