7 Dragons vs 7 Dragon Slayers – Fairy Tail 329

fairy_tail_329___natsu_by_tremblax-d64fsry the_seventh_ds_is_here___by_hyugasosby-d64dvb8 fairy_tail_329___natsu___color_by_krltheking-d63unr7 Fairy Tail  Chapter 329 the_seventh_dragon_slayer_is_back_bitches__d_by_codzocker00-d64jndtNatsu Dragon Slayer Magic was created for this purpose Cobra joins the party Acnologia ruled everything 7 years from now Natsu motivates everyone Makarov against Fire DragonFairy Tail 329 being last week’s late chapter arrives in style, we see the wizards being awesome when they show up some of the dragons, they survive the preliminary strikes from the dragons. Natsu screams at everyone telling them that there are 7 Dragon Slayers, with the 7th being Cobra who has come back!

Fairy Tail 329 begins with Natsu and Future Rogue faces each other, the dragon which Future Rogue is on gives the order to kill him, the dragons destroys the top of the tower, but doesn’t get Natsu as he jumps and gets onto the dragon too, he aims his hands on Future Rogue and tries to attack, but misses when Rogue turns into shadow and moves to the side. He attacks and pushes Natsu back.

The dragon moves from side to side, which shows Natsu the city and how other dragons are just destroying it. Future Rogue mentions that what ever he does, it will be too late, it’s over for him. Natsu asks him what he’s goal is when he just smiles. The fire dragon facing Fairy Tail approaches them, Erza tells everyone that they need to reorganize after that attach, they mention that this isn’t as strong as Acnologia.

The dragon asks if they’re still alive after he’s attack, he mentions if they’re wizards which they are. Makarov gets larger and approaches it, then smack’s him one on the face after mentioning that they’re not normal wizards, in fact they’re connected by the same bonds as family. Makarov’s punch doesn’t work as the fire got to his hand.

The dragon mentions that no matter what power they use, they won’t be able to defeat a dragon, as long as they’re humans they don’t be able to do anything. It spins pushing Makarov back. A different dragons attacks Sabertooth, they mentions that both Rogue and Sting defeated their dragons, Sting reveals that it’s half true, we move to the past where Rogue talks to his dragon.

The dragon requests for Sting to kill him. Younger Sting asks why he should, the dragon mentions that Dragon Slayers usually becomes stronger when they bath in blood of a dragon. Sting mentions that he doesn’t want to, the dragon pushes him to prove that he’s mastered the magic by killing his dragon. Rogue also reveals that his dragon Skiadrum was ill, he just assisted his death.

Sting mentions that he didn’t know that a dragon’s power would be so so strong. Rogue mentions that nevertheless he still wants to protect his friends. Future Rogue asks Natsu if he remembers when he was talking about the future, specifically 7 years ahead, when the world was being dominated by dragons. The dragons didn’t come from the gate.

He mentions that the dragons is wrong, in fact it’s just one dragon. Acnologia was still alive, the world was dominated by just one single dragon. There were no wizards or guilds that would fight it. People just spent their times in fear. He invented a magic which could control dragons, however it didn’t work on Acnologia. Only dragons can defeat Acnologia he mentions, this is why he summoned them, not only that but when he does so, he will be the king of dragons.

Natsu mentions that he’s smelled 7 dragons. Then mentions that he’s really unlucky, he gets his hand and smacks the dragon he’s on to which injures it a lot. It screams, and so does Natsu. He asks if everyone can hear him. He mentions that Dragon Slaying magic can defeat dragons.  He mentions that there are 7 dragons slayers to go against 7 dragons. Gajeel wonders since there are only 6 which come to his mind.

He shouts that their magic was created for this day, the dragon slayers exist to fight now! He then smashes the dragon even further to which he could injure the dragon permanently, he screams for them to hunt them all down! Future Rogue asks if he counted correctly since he can only see 6.

We see Doranbolt and Lahar there, he mentions that he’s traveled a long way in order to get this person. The dragons are attacking Lahar mentions. He mentions that he can hear them, Doranbolt mentions that they were forced to ask for his help! Cobra mentions that he can hear everything! And the 7th Dragon Slayer is there! Fairy Tail 329 ends here.

Fairy Tail 329 has really impressed me this week, well it always does but sometimes there’s that extra special touch, Natsu is absolutely dominating and it would be awesome to see all the Dragon Slayers fight to their fullest, and show what it’s like to kill a dragon! I’m sure they’re all go absolutely mad! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 330, titled “Zirconis’ Magic” when we’re likely to see Wendy in action!

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