Masaki’s Hollow Hole! Urahara’s Rescue – Bleach 534

bleach_534_coloring___deohvi___ryuken_ishida_by_deohvi-d622fed katagiri_colored__bleach_534__by_beyondyourmemory-d62685e bleach_534_ryuken_ishida_colored_by_kvequiso-d6244xgUrahara appears Masaki gains Hollow Hole Masaki falls down Ryuken called by Aunt Hollow killed

Bleach 534 reveals the secret of Ichigo’s birth, Masaki gains an injury from the Black Hollow meaning that she mysteriously gained a Hollow Hole, this made Ryuken run with Masaki to which he then met Isshin. After their chatter, Urahara finally appears, he tells both of them to calm down, he will give them a few choices for which they can save her.

Bleach 534 begins as Matsumoto reaches Isshin’s room, she gets there happy to go on a mission, she wants to give her some mission papers, however she reads a message to her mentioning that he’s gone back to the human world. She reads it a rips the paper in anger, Toshiro mentions that as he got away with it the first time, he can just keep on doing the same things.

Masaki reaches the house, Ryuken greets her in when her name’s shouted at her from Ryuken’s mother. She mentions the the other day she had saved a shinigami against a hollow, she is confused to how she knows, Ryuken realizes and calls Katagiri’s name. Masaki denies these facts. Ryuken’s mother mentions that she should have said something, moreover why would she ever do something like this. Her aunt holds her hand a tells her off for trying to break the rules.

Katagiri is faced by Ryuken, she’s asked why she’d ever tell her mother, he mentions that there were no issues at that moment. Katagiri quickly mentions that there were issues, she was bit by the hollow and her Quincy blood might get spoiled. Katagiri goes on to explain that didn’t he himself want a pure Quincy marriage.

Ryuken runs towards his mother, he tells her mother that she isn’t responsible for this, she starts to walk towards her when she quickly falls over! Ryuken notices this and quickly runs towards her while calling her name, he notices a strange Hollow Hole on her chest to which makes her feel uncomfortable, the mother also notices and works out that it could be a Hollow Hole.

Ryuken asks where his father is, she mentions that she doesn’t know but she’ll get in touch very quickly she tells him to wait there, however after a little while he runs off, his mother mentions that if he stays with that thing he could also be in danger. His mother tells him that he wants him to quickly come back! He keeps on running, asking himself what could be going on.

Out of nowhere appears a Hollow chasing for him, however it’s quickly cut by a sword, Isshin appears to tell him that he doesn’t need to thank him, Ryuken notices Isshin, he turns around and notices Masaki, he sees that she’s being held in his arms, he asks to see her, however Ryuken tells him not to touch her. Ryuken mentions that why does he think she’s like this, he quickly explains that it was because of him!

He goes on to mention that even though it’s Quincy rules, she protected him, a shinigami plus she got wounded. Why does she have to go through this he asks. Isshin realizes that it was because of the injury she suffered when she was bit by the Hollow. Ryuken tells him that it was made by a hollow, what else could it be he mentions.

Out of nowhere a man appears, tells both of them to stop talking. Urahara has finally appeared. He goes on to mention that there is no time to quarrel, he tells both of them to come with him, he’ll tell them possible ways to save that girl. During this point, he gives both of them a look which they understand that he’s serious, and what’s next could be bad. Bleach 534 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, Isshin, Ryuken and Urahara finally meet up, and Urahara is looking even better than he was before. What’s going to happen next and how is this related to Ichigo’s birth? It’s all finally linking together, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 535 when we see more action!


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  1. Ne3X7

    I guess Katagiri is Uryuu’s mother, because Ryuken and she definitely have sort of a feeling to each other. Other thing to thrill me was that Isshin finally meets Urahara. I didn’t think he would, but now Ginjo’s words from the last arc make sense. P.S. I’m back here!


    1. Sunite

      Yeah I too think she’s the mother, plus Uryu doesn’t have ginger hand, he’s got black like Katagiri…
      It’s going to be awesome to see them all speaking during next week’s chapter… I think they’re going to fight first, then somehow work out that they need to work together 😀
      and ps. WELCOME BACK!


      1. Ne3X7

        I don’t think they’ll fight, Masaki’s safety is the main priority for both Isshin and Ryuken. I wonder if Urahara still owns a Hougyoku up to the moment, perhaps it is the cure he means. And well, what’ll Aizen do is also a mystery 🙂


  2. dreager1

    I’m surprised that it said the climax to the flashback arc is here. It felt like this was going to be around for a looooong time. Well, almost back to the present where we can see what’s going on.


    1. Sunite

      Well the point of this flash back was to see why Ichigo is so different from everyone else, even though it wasn’t a massive shock about when she transformed, it was still somewhat good, it should be good to see Urahara, Ryuken and Isshin finally recognize what’s going to happen next, should be interesting to see how Ryuken gets kicked out of the SS …


      1. dreager1

        Yeah, the flashback was necessary and the battle with the hollow was good..the only good part for me personally. I think the flashback will be over within the next few weeks and then the battles will start up again.
        Well, Urahara (I’m assuming you meant to say him instead of Ryuken) has been making enemies out of just about everyone in Soul Society it seems. I think Mayuri will be quick to turn Yamamoto against him for helping a quincy and once that happens…it’s good bye Urahara!


        1. Sunite

          no no, i really did mean Ryuken, we still don’t know why he got kicked out of SS, this could be it’s explanation… Hopefully digs himself a hole in which he can’t get out of, get’s caught by someone in SS and gets kicked out. Shames the Shiba family thus making them move away from the nobel houses place..

          And I think this is after Urahara’s disappearance, Urahara and the others like Shinji etc have already gone away, I think his research on the Vizards will help Masaki in some way… Isshin may even get to see them training when he goes to his secret location, that is if Urahara trusts him that much..


              1. dreager1

                lol, no prob, keeping track of all these names is tough work. Yeah, I agree that this will be why Isshin gets kicked out. I’m guessing Urahara’s solution is something that goes against Soul Society code or breaks some sort of rule. (He already broke one by helping Masaki and not reporting it) He could be in trouble


  3. M.K.

    Dude I’m pumped about next weeks chapter and I agree katagiri probably is uryuu’s mother because we all know that masaki isn’t.


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