Lucy to close Eclipse Gate! Natsu’s Dragon Mode – Fairy Tail 326

fairy_tail_326___lightning_flame_dragon_mode_by_kasukiii-d60tqql fairy_tail_326___lucy___by_gia_secando92-d60mbx5 ultear_milkovich__ft326__by_scarletsky7-d60ta8j rogue_white_shadow_mode_by_ilyesgnei-d60w8b9 ft_326__flash_forward_by_nekorikachan-d60izthLucy to stop Eclipse Plan Natsu's Dragon Mode Rogue's White Shodow Dragon Mode Rogue gets Natsu in attack Natsu attacked by Rogue's Dragon ModeFairy Tail 326 continues with the opening and initiation of the Eclipse plan, we notice Natsu go on a rampage with Rogue, until we see a new power which Natsu used in order to defeat Sting and Rogue, which is his Dragon Mode. Rogue also reveals his White Shadow Dragon Mode, he explains that he killed Sting in order to obtain his White Dragon Mode. Lucy is seen to unintentionally go towards the doors in order to shut it close, it seems that she’s been taken over by something.

Fairy Tail 326 begins with a bell, midnight strikes, Levy mentions that it’s the day in which the dragons disappeared, Gajeel explains that it’s suppose to be a date to which the dragon are supposed to appear. Fairy Tail will take on the Town square, we’re they’ll stand to fight the dragons, other guilds will take other points.

Cana tells Erza that she shouldn’t be there, Gray and the others from the fight explain that due to Shelia from Lamia Scale, they’ve been able to regain some mobility, if Wendy was there, they could be able to fight and recover fully. Lucy watches as the grand gate opens up, everyone also watches at its magnificent magic emitting from it.

Rogue and Natsu fight on, Natsu hears all the noise going on, Future Rogue mentions that the doors of the Eclipse is finally opening, he mentions that the gates can still open fully even if she’s still left alive. But he has no confidence in this, thus he’s certain that she’ll manage to interfere with the process somewhere along the lines.

Future Rogue mentions that she will prevent the door from opening while Natsu still protects her saying that she would do no such thing, she would never rob all these people of their future. Future Rogue mentions that he’s currently in his way, he attacks quickly, after attacking he mentions that he will make sure she takes her last breath.

Natsu quickly denies this mentioning that this will only happen over his dead body. Natsu then attacks with his tremendous power of his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode! Future Rogue notices this technique, it explodes the rocks and scenery into a number of pieces. Future Rogue then deduces that this was the power that he kept in his back pocket during his fight with Rogue and Sting even when they enabled their Unison Raid and Dragon Force.

Future Rogue then quickly enables his White Shadow Dragon Mode which seems to be a lot more powerful! It also seems to be very bright, Future Rogue sends a burst of light towards him which gets Natsu in a critical hit on the side of his rib. Future Rogue mentions that he’s attained both Light and Shadow to which he can bend to his will. He uses this to send a large number of attacks which literally brings Natsu to the brink of his life, he notices that the White Shadow is included in his move, what could have happened to him.

Future Rogue mentions that he’s taken Sting’s power, he did this by killing him. That is unlikely to happen during this timeline for some time he mentions. Natsu mentions if he was always a heartless person, he goes on to mention that he was always like this, and at this point he’s going to kill him. Natsu tries to get up when Future Rogue goes for a roar.

Circular balls appear around him, Flash Forward is used. Future Rogue uses his shadow to move, Natsu collapses and Ultear appears, she tells Meredy and Ultear both try to give Natsu first aid but out of nowhere comes Future Rogue with his Shadow, he’s body is being taken into the Shadow! The Eclipse gate opens and every is joyous that they’ll finally be able to save humanity.

Wendy mentions that their future doesn’t seem so bleak now, Wendy cries that Future Lucy’s will finally be at rest. Out of nowhere, Lucy starts to walk towards the doors, she quietly says no, she walks on with no life seen in her eyes, as thought she may be possessed by something. She mentions that the door must remain closed, then she mentions that she will seal the door at once! Fairy Tail 326 ends here.

What an amazing chapter, I knew that after Future Rogue mentioned that she didn’t know what she was doing, she must have done something terrible. I personally think that Future Lucy will stop the doors and they will once again die, Lucy will once again go to the past, this Lucy will try to fix as much of the past as she can, therefore we will then see part of the story which Future Lucy had on this timeline. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 327, titled “Now it’s my responsibility”, when we carry on with this story.


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  1. Ling

    thank you for taking your time to write a review for this chapter. I myself was a little confused at the end but am clear now. Hope to see the new chapter coming soon.


    1. Jimbob

      Well this may all be speculation since Rogue does seem pretty evil (yet he wants the gate open for good?). Maybe Lucy has realised that the gate is something that the Dragons will use to return to their world.


  2. Inferno

    I believe that Lucy wants to close the Eclipse gate because the dragons will come out from the very same gate. Maybe the dragons vanished from the world because they were sent to a different time inside the gate. The shadow that possesed Rogue during his fight with Gajeel must be related with that Zeref guy who wishes to destroy the world, that is why it possesed Rogue in order to kill Lucy, let the dragons out and destroy everyone.


  3. sebilion

    Well,there might be a lot of things here. I think of 2 possibilities. 1) As mentioned before, the shadow might be zeref or a dragon and Lucy may saw something in there that changed her mind, but she was looking like back then with the time clock, like she was one with the mashine again. But there is a gap here, if they are possessing them why not possesing Natsu or others too? Why Lucy and that guy? Something looks sooo wrong. 2) Lucy might just communicate with the eclipse that’s and realize th at the doors are what holds the dragons. Why did the castle collected for whole 7 years magic power? Why they collected it back then with what purpose? So many things to think about so many possibilities…I am just lost I can’t wait for the new one..


  4. Inferno

    Ohh and I forgot to write about Jellal’s request, I am sure he will ask them about activating Etherion again as a plan B just in case everything goes wrong, even if it means to kill Fairy tail and everyone else but that is just the way he is (and Mistgun too)


  5. cool guy

    Maybe Ultear is responsible for it as Flashing forward could be stopped once it is activated and in the past she also corrupted jellals memories as zeref


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