The Cracks Beneath – Gaara

gaara___fume_by_linnyxito-d5wa59dGaara, a good guy, a contradiction from this image and incredible powerful! Gaara was born by hatred, but Naruto’s feelings changed all that and turned him around, making him see the clear picture that there are people who care for him and would even give up their lives for him. Gaara’s actions define him, that’s why he’s currently a Kazekage, however if he was still a Jinchuuriki and Naruto never intervened in his life, would he have ever stepped on the current path he’s at?

I personally think no, Gaara’s actions and hatred nearly took him over, if it wasn’t for Sasuke’s chase, Gaara would have never been out of control, so Naruto’s fight against Gaara would have been obsolete. An unrelated point here is that Gaara started from hatred  to becoming normal, however Sasuke was normal until he found his brother was abused by the Leaf, thus he become enraged. Does this mean that Naruto will have to take a different path in order to bring Sasuke back?

The awesome image above was drawn by linnyxito, she’s done a fantastic job of creating the above artwork, plus she’s got other fan art with a similar style to this which I’m sure you’d like! So check her out, the name of this image is Fume, linnyxito wanted to originally name it Save, but never could because of the shock value to Gaara’s expression.

What do you think?

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