Yukino Strips – Natsu invades Sabertooth – Fairy Tail 165

Natsu challenges Jiemma Yukino strips Natsu is pissed off Yukino Aguria cries in front of Natsu Sabertooth's strongest team black Minerva Millianna wants to kill Jellal Keys of the Fish and ScalesFairy Tail 165 has a big of recapping but ultimately returns to the story as Jiemma forces Yukino to strip in front of everyone and remove her new Sabertooth Emblem from herself. After Yukino talks to Lucy, we know a little more about the power of changing the world while holding all 12 keys. Plus Natsu bursts into Sabertooth’s HQ looking for Jiemma, asking him to fight him, if he looses then he shall leave the guild.

Fairy Tail 165 begins as Jiemma tells Yukino to get rid of everything she currently has. She starts to remove everything until she’s completely exposed. She’s told to remove the emblem she currently has. She thanks them for everything even if it’s just been such a short time. After some time Sting, Rogue and their cats are walking away talking about it.

Rogue is concerned about what had just happened as Yukino was their friend and they were unable to do anything. Rogue asks himself if this is what a guild really is. Sting tells him that because she was weak she was banished out. Frosch asks if because he’s weak, he’ll disappear too. Rogue tells him that because he’s there, he’s not going to disappear!

Natsu and the others are walking back to their home when they notice Yukino at their doorstep. We go to Erza and her long-lost friend, Millianna who keep on talking about their past. On how she wanted to reveal her identity at the end but couldn’t wait to see her. Plus Kagura is the reason why she had joined Mermaid Heel. She also goes to explain that her sword can only be opened for one person.

That person caused her so much pain, this person can only be opened for Jellal! Erza is shocked, Millianna explains that she also killed Simon and she also hates him. Erza is upset to hear this news. Yukino is brought into Lucy’s room. Erza keeps on walking around the city thinking about her life and everything she knows, as well as Millianna and what she just found out.

Yukino keeps on talking to Lucy, explaining that it’s important. She brings out two golden keys, of the Scales and Fish. She wants for Lucy to keep them as this will allow her to have all 12 of them, as well as possibly open a hole in which she can change the world! Yukino explains that Minerva will take her place, now all 5 members are Sabertooth’s strongest members!

Lucy explains that she wont take them because she can’t break the bond and relationship in which the Mage and Spirit have because it’s not right. Since a lot of Celestial Spirits have disappeared due to the Zentopia stuff, it’s better if she keeps them, but Lucy keeps on saying no because owners can’t be easily changed. She says that she’s sorry, but eventually all the 12 keys will be given to Lucy.

Both Happy and Lucy run towards Yukino telling her to wait, Natsu tells her that he’s sorry about before as he first thought because she belonged to Sabertooth, that she was a bad person, but now she’s okay with them. At this moment, Yukino starts to get teared up as all her emotions just come out all at once.

Yukino falls apart and starts mentioning what had happened before, as no one has ever said sorry to her. She mentions that she was a part of Sabertooth, but she can’t go back now, she was also removed because she was thought to be weak. Jiemma made her remove her emblem as well as embarrass her in front of everyone. Now she doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Natsu gets serious as he tells her that he understands being from another guild, and something like that should never happen to a family member of the same guild. Erza stands when Gray walks in. Gray was uneasy with what was going on with Juvia and Lyon. Erza hints to Gray that she likes him, therefore he should admit it, she should also not talk about her stuff because of her hectic love life with Jellal.

At the Sabertooth HQ, we notice a great number of explosions, we notice that a fire user is invading Sabertooth. We find out that it’s in fact Natsu! Rogue and Sting quickly get up to see what’s going on. Natsu quickly asks to see their master, Jiemma! He gets pissed and mentions that it’s cruel to get rid of people who were removed from the guild for losing a match. Jiemma approaches, Natsu tells him, if he loses against him, he should remove himself from his own guild! Fairy Tail 165 ends here!

A fantastic episode and an amazing ending. I’m sorry for narrating the episode so late, I had reasons outside the blog which can’t be mentioned. Furthermore I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 166, titled “Pandemonium”, as Natsu meets Minerva, as well as nearly kick Jiemma’s ass!

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