We Die Together – Naruto and Sasuke

naruto_and_sasuke___i_told_you__we_die_together__by_michaelsmith94-d5s4ddqWe’ve always thought inside the box when it comes to Naruto vs Sasuke. One question I’d like to propose is what if both Naruto and Sasuke die during their intense and unbelievable fight? We’ve always answered the question of their fight with one possibly killing the other while the one that lives on. Personally, it would be a lot more adventurous for Kishimoto to actually kill both of them instead of keep one alive. What do you think is likely to happen?

Comment and tell me what you think using the comment section to this post. The fantastic image above was drawn by MichaelSmith94. He’s done a fantastic job of creating this awesome artwork that you should check out his other artworks!

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  1. Oliviera Jacinto Carvalho

    Hmm… I personally hope that by some weird twist of fate …. that naruto manages to change sasuke somehow …. and they all live happily ever after. I mean if naruto could manage to change Pein …… Anythings possible !! NIce artwork btw !!!!


    1. Sunite

      Well, Pain didn’t know Naruto, he just believed in him because of his what actions Naruto did, plus he was powerful enough to beat his subjects which showed that he’s powerful… plus Pain’s past with Nagato helped him to make his decision..


    1. Sunite

      That might work but we don’t really know if Indra and Ashura killed each other… It could have been one lived till he’s really old and died naturally after he killed the other.


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