Naruto Gives Kurama’s Chakra Out – Naruto 616

naruto_616_by_ksop-d5rqk4u naruto_616_sasuke_by_i_azu-d5rumgp hinata__naruto_manga_616__by_chekoaguilar-d5rr40f naruto_616_by_i_azu-d5rupsb naruto_616_sasuke_new_colors_by_kyubii9-d5rvplkHinata's Hakke Kuushou Naruto gives chakra to Hinata Choji goes big to hold Ten Tails Shikamaru grew up looking at his back Naruto to keep Neji in heartNaruto 616 begins with a colour page looking at Sasuke in Konoha! He realizes that he can clearly sense Naruto’s Chakra. At the war, Kurama modifies his chakra in order to share it out between everyone, this help most of the Ninja’s, especially Hinata, as they’ve gotten a power up to which they can use their technique with a lot more power. We also explore the last moments of Shikaku and Inoichi. Naruto also gets riled up when mentioning that Neji will always be in is heart!

Naruto 616 begins as the moon rises up in the sky in Konoha. We see Sasuke there with Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Jugo. Both Suigetsu and Jugo notice the chakra in the air even if their not sensor types. It must be so strong that everyone can notice it. At the same time, Sasuke quickly makes his way even after noticing the chakra  Orochimaru is told to lead the way, Orochimaru notices that Sasuke himself can sense it.

At the battle, Naruto still holds Hinata’s hands giving her Kurama’s powers and chakra. It seems as though Hinata has been given the ability to use Kurama’s powers. Both Madara and Obito notice this in shock! Someone who’s been injured notices that it’s not Kurama’s power but in fact Naruto’s Chakra! Kurama tells Naruto that he modified his own chakra and gave it to Naruto. Naruto gets all happy plus he wants to do this with Kurama’s help!

Kurama notices that Nara Shinobi have done well to analyze his chakra delivery well to make this such a great plan. Kurama tells Naruto that he made him wait a lot, therefore some Shadow Clones should be okay. Hinata looks at Naruto notices that he’s handling such a great chakra! He makes the Shadow Clones who fly at each direction. Naruto first gives his chakra to Shikamaru, then Ino and Choji. They all gain an outer layer of the usual Beast look. Naruto also taps other Shinobi’s to give them this ability.

Madara notices that Naruto is giving out Kurama’s chakra for free to all of them. Obito sends out one of the tails towards Hinata. She quickly acts and uses her Hakke Kuushou which blocks the attack! Hinata notices that her technique has is so powerful! Hiashi notices that she’s only used a weak leveled jutsu which has had a large impact! Madara notices that Hinata has gotten quite powerful!

Three more hands are sent from Obito. Choji and two other members use their Baika No Jutsu making them large, they hold the hands and try to restrain it. Choji quickly tells Shikamaru and Ino to get ready, they both use their techniques. At this point, they remember what they’ve been told by their parent’s. Shikaku tells Shikamaru if the strategy doesn’t work, then live and guide them himself! Shikaku tells Shikamaru that the only thing he was able to do as a father was play Shogi with him.

Shikamaru replies mentioning that it was enough as he grew up looking at his back. Ino is told by Inoichi that she grew up just like the meaning of the bush flower, which is the symbol of the Yamanaka Clan. Inoichi tells her that she’s proud of her because of her feelings towards her friends and thus she was able to blossom as a beautiful bush clover.

Shikaku has one more thing to add, that there is a wooden box on the left shelf, Shikamaru quickly tells his father not to worry because he knows everything. They go out be telling them that they’ll always be inside them, so don’t forget. We return to the battle where Obito tells the Shinobi’s not to underestimate them. Ino uses her mind transfer technique to get the hands to fire upwards so it doesn’t hurt Choji.

Shikamaru as well as more from the Nara Clan use their technique’s also use their technique. After stopping the movement of the Ten Tails, Ino gets back to her body. We notice Lee cry due to Neji’s death. Guy tells him, as long as they remember Neji’s feelings, he will always continue to live inside them. Obito tells them that he’s going to teach them something that made him live so far, it can also work as a powerful curse.

Kakashi tells Naruto that he had mentioned that he will never let his friends die, well when he mentioned this, he was wrong and was unable to protect most of his friends. He has to carry around that wound with him forever. Naruto quickly butts in and tells him that they are ones who endure such an act. They are ninja’s who never forget.

Furthermore, Naruto’s wounds will always be with him, the real friends are not the ones he created to satisfy his needs, but the ones he cares for. That’s why, even if it’s a curse, he’s willing to keep Neji alive in his heart for as long as he can, this being described as what a Shinobi would do. Naruto 616 ends here.

Finally, the chapters are back and it’s time to rumble, it’s a great chapter, plus Naruto keeps on building the tension, furthermore, most of the Shinobi’s have also gained a power up due to Kurama’s power. Which is always awesome to see, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 617 when the action continues.

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  1. htron

    naruto is geting a lot stronger and more interesting, i love it that every body id starting to level up there powers but thanks to naruto who make that posible. nize episode can wait for next week


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