10 Unique Sword Art Online Wallpapers

sword_art_online___kirito_wallpaper_hd_by_mikedu44800-d5jam5c sword_art_online_by_exiled_artist-d5hyf43 sword_art_online_wallpaper_by_greev-d5h7n09 alfheim_online_wallpaper_by_asunax_ekirito-d5rfjor asuna_sword_art_online_wallpaper_by_0128578753maxis-d5d198a wallpaper_sword_art_online_hd_by_sl4ifer-d5d3541 sword_art_online___asuna_wallpaper_by_mikedu44800-d5jf8q4 sao_wallpaper___asuna___02_by_arielpy-d5ma3fo sword_art_online___aincrad_end_by_riyovincent-d5nvqx7 sword_art_online___kirito_wallpaper_by_eazyhd-d5lsv9fSword Art Online is personally one of the best Anime’s I’ve seen in 2012, so to commemorate it being a fantastic anime, I have collected some of the best Sword Art Online Wallpapers in which I’ve seen online which would perfectly fit as the your desktop background. The wallpapers are different size so please choose the one that best fits your background. The artists have done a great job on all the wallpapers, so support them by using them!

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  1. faizul the anime lover

    I had read all of sword art online’s light novel until volume 13. It’s totally awesome! Anyway, I really waiting for the Phantom Bullet arc and Alicization arc on anime form. I can’t waittttttt!!!!!!


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