No Refrains – Ichigo & Orihime

An image as epic as the one above is something that has to be featured. Now, you know that I’m a fan of both Orihime and Ichigo ending up together at the end of Bleach, so a fan art as awesome as this one has to be shown. Ichigo will his most recent look and Orihime with an outfit never seen before seems to look awesome.

There are a ton of different couples within Bleach, but two that shines the brightest of all others are the one including Ichigo with Rukia and Orihime. Although I don’t see Ichigo ending up with Rukia anytime soon, other fans think that they’d be a cool couple, but who knows except Kubo, I suggest Ichigo’s going to end up with Orihime!

The awesome artist who drew the above fantastic image is Child-of-the-Ashes, go and check her awesome fan art as well as other awesome fan fiction.

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