12 Keys Gathered to Fight in Hell – Fairy Tail 309

Fairy Tail 309 shows us the determination some people have concerning the fact that they are likely to do anything, even give up their own life in order to protect and save another. Arcadios, the unseen good guy seems to have saved both Yukino and Lucy from fiery death. Loke shows up to help Lucy, Natsu also shows us that he’s being underestimated by the Garou Knights.

Fairy Tail 309 begins as Natsu’s opponent tells Natsu to repent for his sins, Natsu just tells him that he will do no such thing because he’s done nothing wrong. We see Makarov feel that he’s going to write a lot of apology letters, everyone tells him that he’s not going to do anything like that.

Natsu gets ready to kick his opponents ass because there is nothing else he can do. The man takes apart his weapon, he quickly swipes his weapon right at Natsu’s neck, all Natsu can do it dodge them due to their speed. The man keeps on attacking Natsu, trying to get his neck.

Lily fights the big guy with the acid, he finds out that he won’t be able to do anything, not even block since the acid keeps on burning everything in his path. Mirajane fights the woman with the cards, Kamika, this time its Green Paper which is the God of Poison, Mirajane is pissed at the fact that she can’t do much in this situation.

Wendy also shrieks at the fact that her opponent, Cosmos is releasing spores which are like bombs, she says that Wendy’s screams are pitiful. Cosmos then releases another spore, this time its one which has a sleeping agent inside of them, she describes that it’s a sleep from which Wendy will never wake up.

The man facing Lucy and the others does his move, he mentions Terrainal Effect, Lava Territory! The floor shakes and everything around them starts to break, from cracks, lots and lots of rocks start to crumble. Both Yukino and Lucy find themselves facing the Lava beneath them, they nearly fall in when they both hand on to the rocks they face.

Happy and Wendy try and help but the man flicks his fingers, they are quickly stopped in mid-air when he says Terranial Effect, Gravitational Territory, both of them are pushed to the ground faster than anything, they’re pushed down by all their cells, they are unable to do anything!

Yukino and Lucy try their best to hand on. Their shoes start to melt while they’ve still got them on. Arcadios starts to get up, he tells them to hang on with every inch of their power, he says that they are the only hope, without them Eclipse cannot begin. He is able to stand up, for that sake.

Arcadios starts to run in the lava, at the same time, both Yukino and Lucy notice how crazy he is, he shouts at the fact that he’s being burned alive by the lava. He reaches both of them, he does his best to get both of them up, holding their feet and bum, pushing both of them, as well as telling them to climb up as quickly as they can.

Lucy mentions that he can still come, when Arcadios looses all consciousness, the pain is all too much for him, at this point he tells that if they’re able to get out from there, they should go and meet Princess Hisui, Lucy says that he should quickly give her his hands. He then says, whether Eclipse is the right path of not, both of them should decide for themselves.

He starts to sink slowly within the lava, Lucy and Yukino are angry and pissed at the fact that he gave up his life for them. Lucy looks down at the lava with anger, Yukino is unbelievably upset. Something appears out of the lava, in the nick of time Horologium appears to save him, she asks how he got through to help when Loke appears!

He mentions that he did so because he can pass through the gate so easily. Her stars are with her always. He’s also brought the keys back. He says that he’s sorry that he’s late, Yukino is given her keys, both Pisces and Libra are returned to her. Leo mentions that since all 12 Keys have gathered, it’s now time for a counterattack.

We move onto the Natsu’s fight where we can see the man still going his attacks, although not getting a successful attack, out of nowhere Natsu stops and holds his weapon, he turns up the heat and breaks the weapon itself, it all crumbles into pieces, he now mentions that he’s going to be sending them all flying. Fairy Tail 309 ends here.

A good chapter and the best time for Natsu and the others to have their comeback, hopefully we also get to see the others fight from Mirajane, Wendy and Lily. It’ seems that Fairy Tail are going to break through another evil band of warrior during next week’s Fairy Tail 310, titled “The Country We’re In”, can’t wait!

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