The Hole – Kabuto and Edo Tensei – Naruto Shippuden 290

Naruto Shippuden 290 once again goes into fillers, but somehow this seems like a pretty good one. We see Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato go into a mission where they notice that a whole village has been murdered. Kabuto appears stating that he’s there to test out and experiment on bringing back the dead with Edo Tensei. We also explore how this village was first burnt down through the eyes of a little girl called Mina and her brother, Leo.

Naruto Shippuden 290 begins as Naruto is ecstatic that he’s getting a mission, Tsunade stops his rejoice because now she tells them that a small nation bordering the Land of Fire has been under attack, the people living there have all been killed, Naruto and Sakura are flabbergasted. Tsunade explains that this location has been a reserved site for sacred use, it’s referred to as The Hole.

Some people suggest that it has hidden treasure, thus leading people to go and find out, Tsunade wishes she could send more people but there’s also been some serious issues regarding the fact that there has been grave robbing and that Hidan’s grave was also disturbed. Naruto and the others head towards the village.

Naruto and Sasuke go their own way, Sai and Yamato go the other. They notice that the village itself is bright and wonderful while the outside is just barren desert type land. Yamato and Sai enter a room where they go down towards the bottom, they notice that such a large space within the village is really unexpected. Plus in that space lies nothing but emptiness.

Sai and Yamato come out when they’re noticed by a few soldiers where they point their swords at Yamato, they ask if they’re the people who had done this to the village, Yamato tells her that they’re from the Leaf who was requested to come to that village and find the culprit. She puts her sword down, and says her sorry, she introduces herself as being the soldiers of the neighboring town.

Shiseru, the girl takes Yamato somewhere else to meet another man, this man asks who they are, Yamato tells him, the man introduces himself as Disanasu, the head of the Hachou Village. Disanasu says that it could be bandits who wants to find the treasure in the village, Yamato asks him what this treasure is, he says that he doesn’t know, only a few people in the village knew.

Sakura and Naruto go the water in front of them, Naruto states that the water he just washed his face with and drank a little tastes great, Sakura mentions that The Hole, sucked up life and energy of everything around it and put it just in one spot which allows for it to explode with vitality.

Out of nowhere a man appears, Naruto quickly notices him as Kabuto and attacks with his Rasengan. It makes such a large sounds travelling to Yamato and Sai. They are probably travelling towards them now. Kabuto states that he’s currently conduction some research, he brings up a large balls of snakes which were originally from Orochimaru, he mentions that the water around is so good that it allows for normal things to be enhanced, allowing for greater multiplication, therefore the snakes are released around the water.

When most of the other snakes disappear, the water ball appears as though it’s a man, Kabuto pulls out a tag with a similar tag to the Edo Tensei tag, he inserts the tag into the persons head that Hidan appears. They are shocked at how Kabuto just brought Hidan back.

Yamato and Sai appear, asking if Kabuto was the one to attack the village, Yamato says that he’s not going to get away, he quickly enables his hand seal pulling a number of ninja’s from coffin like, he pulls out the Edo Tensei trick, Naruto get’s pissed off. Kabuto gets Hidan’s sickle out.

Naruto quickly gets ready with a Rasengan, he goes to attack Hidan and Kabuto, everything is surrounded by water, Kabuto escapes, at the same time doing a hand seal, and releasing it into the water. Naruto and Kabuto fight when a large animal like thing appears. It captures Naruto and takes him towards the bottom of the floor of the river.

Hidan quickly goes to attack Sakura, she tries to back off because she knows that she must not be attacked or cut by the sickle, Yamato pushes Hidan and takes on Hidan from this point. At this point, Kabuto enables his Edo Tensei, but unfortunately it only activates a few people.

The Edo Tensei’s start to attack everyone, Kabuto then takes away the others which did not reanimate. He’s attacked by Sai when Deidara comes in the middle, Sai then draws a large dragon like which is stopped by Deidara’s explosives, they all keep on fighting, Sakura smashes her opponent when she notices that he’s reforming. Naruto goes towards the bottom of the river.

We see a strange machine where it starts to activate or does something. We now see a little girl talking to her elder with another little boy. The man asks why she keeps on doing that tone over and over, she mentions that she heard it from a place. Leo, the boy takes Mina’s painting of Dokku and starts teasing her, the elder tells Leo to stop it.

The elder man asks if they like Dokku, they mention that he’s great and that he’s gotten bigger too. They all start to laugh, they all go to sleep at this point. At the middle of the night, there is a large explosion where the next house is on fire, they both go out to see a ninja’s killing on of their own. Another man tells Mina and Leo to go inside until it’s all over.

The elder man keeps on fighting against the Edo Tensei members, more and more people are being slaughtered by the Edo Tensei which Kabuto has cast, they are also burning everything they can see, the elder is fighting a ninja, he notices that after cutting the Edo Tensei’s arm, it regenerates somehow, Deidara up in the sky is sending out bombs from the sky.

Mina and Leo notice that their house is also on fire, they cannot go anywhere, not even downstairs because the bottom floor is on fire, they can’t jump outside because of the fact that the street seems to be on fire, the fire is spreading quickly, when both Leo and Mina cry, Dokku notices Mina and Leo.

He mentions for them to jump from, they don’t want to when Dokku mentions that they should trust him, she gets convinced when quickly jumps, he catches her and she’s happy, he tells her that she was amazing, Leo jumps too. Dokku takes both of them outside the village where he figures out that there are probably other people that he needs to go and save. He goes when Mina stops him, he mentions that he needs to go and help.

She agrees, as he goes, he comes back to tell them what to do if he doesn’t come back. He mentions that they need to go to Hachou Town and tell them about what had happened. He hugs them and tells them to be brave, this becomes an emotional moment for all of them. Mina jumps as Dokku runs of, Leo notices that she dropped two long silver objects which make a chime sound.

They wait but then realize that they cannot do much, they star walking towards the other Town, when overtime they both get really tired, they are both emotionally tired, they’ve just lost their village and are walking endlessly towards nowhere. Mina looks towards the sunset to notice some people coming their way, she quickly notices that it’s Dokku, she quickly runs towards his as quickly as she can.

Dokku also starts running, he’s currently injured with 3 other children who are helping him. He also starts to run towards Mina as quickly as he cans in his disabled condition, he starts to crawl as his injury gets the better of him, he cannot get any closer to Mina when she jumps to give him the biggest hug she can, they hug it out when Naruto Shippuden 290 ends here.

A crazy and very emotional chapter, very different from what fillers are like in Naruto, the graphics and animation have also been pushed up with this story, it’s a lot better the way it currently is, although it’s a filler, I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 291 episode, where they reach the city, the story continues.

There are 6 comments

  1. Goldnagato

    Naruto 290 was fantastic it was good for kishi to deviate from the war a little because it was getting too intense. This episode was cool even though its a filler. Cant wait to see what happens in 291


    1. Sunite

      Yeah agree, although it was somewhat related to Kabuto’s transformation it had nothing to do with the real way of bringing Edo Tensei… the story was pretty cool too, the emotional level at the end was pretty high…


  2. TimeMask

    Hidan was revived with Kabuto’s regenerating snakes which is a filler version of Edo Tensei as it also needs DNA to work like this other revival jutsu in a part 1 filler.

    I bet they didn’t just have Hidan revived with Edo Tensei since he could be alive in the manga and if he is they could make a excuse that the jutsu used to revive Hidan is different so it could bring him back while he is alive basically making a copy of him.


    1. Sunite

      I think Kabuto used the filler version Edo Tensei to revive the others such as Nagato and others…
      That’s really clever but I think this way of reviving doesn’t bring back the minds of person, just the body and powers as seen by Hidan… So he could make a copy while Hidan’s still alive…


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