Sky Labyrinth Begins – Fairy Tail 155

Fairy Tail 155 has the introduction to the first challenge which Fairy Tail will have in order for them to go to the next step. We see Natsu and the others explore the city. Natsu finally meets both Rogue and Sting, we see a strange creature spy on Wendy and Carla, could he have done something.

Fairy Tail 155 starts as they all meet up back at the guild when they see that Elfman as well as other members have gotten pretty buffed up as well as gone through quite a lot of training in order to take part in the competition. They have all done their best in the time they were allocated but Natsu and the others haven’t even done one shred of work.

Makarov appears and tells them to go into the guild so he can tell them the five members to participate in the Grand Magic Games, Makarov states the first three members who are Natsu, Gray and Erza. The next three could be anyone but Makarov says that it’s Wendy and Lucy. Both of them are shocked because they aren’t all that powerful to participate.

Erza states that they were picked not because of their powers but the fact that they’re good at team work. At this point they are cheered up and ready to do their best. Makarov says that he wanted to have Gildarts or Laxus in the team but since they’re not there he cannot pick them, the picked members are pissed that Makarov said it out loud.

Erza picks everyone’s moral by telling them that they are going to take the titled back as the strongest as well as beat Sabertooth! Natsu and the others are fired up. They all now arrive in Crocus, a city in which magic lies in its heart. Lots of mage’s are waiting to get going.

They all split and go into a different direction after they read the rules which states that there are three rules. Every year there is a different event which don’t have any consistency. The first rules indicates that the master cannot participate, anyone who doesn’t have the guild emblem cannot participate and to maintain secrecy for each event as the events are revealed right before the event starts.

There is a warning that the members must be back at their designated inn by midnight. They all spread out to discover the city, they will be back at Honeybone back later. Erza returns to the place, there are 6 beds, she goes for a bath then notices if there is anything irregular about the place, she doesn’t find a thing.

Gray is approached by Juvia, who asks him out to dinner. He says that he’s pretty hungry but then Lyon shows up to take Juvia to the restaurant. As he goes, Gray gets involved and tries to get Juvia back, both of them fight it out a little when Lyon mentions that he knows that Gray is involved in the Grand Magic Games.

Lyon also states that they’re going to take the title this year because both him and Jura are going to participate and win! Gray doesn’t agree about this and both of them just get pissed off at each other. Lyon tries to make a wager but Gray disagrees and doesn’t want to take part in it.

There is a moment where Erza shuts her eyes and thinks of the moment with Jellal, Ichiya mysteriously appears, he’s kicked out, Hibiki, Eve and Ren also appear to intrude Erza, they are also punched into the sky for just showing up to bug her. We see different guilds appear, Raven Tail, Quatro Cerberus and Mermaid Heel.

We see that both Carla and Wendy are exploring the city, they notice upon the castle, at this point a creature looks over them. Natsu and Lucy are exploring the city, they hear a fight, Natsu goes towards it to find that both Rogue and Sting are there. He smells dragon’s nearby.

Sting and Rogue notice him, Lector and Frosch also notice Happy. Natsu and Sting keep on talking explaining that they are even more powerful than Fairy Tail as well as Natsu because they couldn’t defeat Acnologia nor could he be stronger the them. Sting mentions that they are much better.

Lector explains that there are three generations to the dragons, the first includes, Wendy, Gajeel and Natsu, the second includes Cobra and Laxus and the third are Sting and Rogue, they call themselves this because they both have Dragon Slayer Magic as well as the Lacrima inside of them thus being hybrids and stronger. Sting and Rogue explain that they killed their own Dragons to become True Dragon Slayers.

Erza is faced with Natsu, Lucy and Gray who all had their own difficulties getting back home. Both Lisanna and Elfman appear with some drinks and such. They ask if they’ve seen Wendy and Carla, currently they think that she could have been in trouble because they all need to get home by midnight.

A large pumpkin appears in the sky saying that the Grand Magic Games are about to begin, the 113 participating teams will have to be shortened to only 8. This is the elimination round in which they all need to participate. There is currently no rule, all you need to do is get to the finishing line as quickly as possible with all members. A large object appears in the sky called the Sky Labyrinth! Fairy Tail 155 ends here!

A great start to a fantastic arc! The battles are just about to begin and it’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 156, titled “Sky Labyrinth!” awesome chapter when they all go into the Labyrinth and face some members of the Twilight Ogre.

What do you think?

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