The Rise and Fall of the Strawberry – Ichigo Kurosaki

Being me you’ll be able to notice all the links between these two fantastic images of Ichigo! Ichigo has gone through a hell of a ride during his past teenage years with a whole load happen to him, for example losing his Fullbring as well as regaining his Shinigami Powers, if it was anyone else, they would have already gone insane!

It’s a first that I’m featuring two images, but there’s always a first for everything! So what connections can you make? A lot of things happened which raised a lot more question in the Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be answered within the Thousand Year War!

Both of these images are as you’d say are opposites, one is the rise and the other the fall of Ichigo, if you’re a fan you’ll know that there’s been quite a few parts in which Ichigo has gone through these moment. Some which actually made Ichigo the person he is now.

We can say that the second image happened first as Ichigo’s Fullbring was easily stolen from him by Ginjo, but after Ichigo regains his power from the help of the Captains and Rukia, he has a dead and fiery look in his eyes portrayed by the first image, hopefully it’s the same look he has towards Juha Bach within the Final Arc!

Both of the images are incredible and thus deserve to be featured, the top image was awesome drawn by the talented Inspiriert and the one below was also done by the talented MinatoSama207. Go and check both of them out!

What do you think?

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