Arrogance and Pride – Deidara and Sasori

A brilliant image of possibly the best tag team of Deidara, the clay explosion master, and Sasori, the ultimate puppeteer. Both have been seen to have a lot of characteristics but their main ones for both of them would be Arrogance for Deidara and Pride for Sasori.

Deidara’s arrogance led him to his demise during his death against Sasuke, he was too worked up into killing Sasuke that he blew himself up just to show that his art is best. Even during the Edo Tensei period he’s still captured for this. Sasori’s Pride for his puppets as well as himself as a puppet ruled him into thinking that he was unbeatable, but because of Sakura he was killed, after he was brought back, he actually sorted himself out and thought that it’s best if he was to die as he no longer has anything left in his world.

The fantastic image above was drawn by Ireal70, the image itself I find it mind-blowing because so much work has gone to it. You should definitely check out more of his work!

What do you think?

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