The Artist at Work – Naruto Shippuden 280

Naruto Shippuden 280 shows by Deidara is such an epic time bomb just ready to go off at any time. Deidara is helped by White Zetsu, he escapes the cage which holds him, he then goes on a rampage when he notices Sasuke, he pursues him but realizes that it was all a trap.

Naruto Shippuden 280 starts off as Mifune and the others are talking about any information they have gathered. We see that Kurotsuchi arrives at the tent. She could be a Zetsu but she’s still let in. We see that another samurai tells one standing watch to get some rest, he also tells Kankuro to get some sleep.

At this point, he reveals to Deidara that he’s Zetsu. He calls out for help, he then sticks his sword inside the whole when Kurotsuchi arrives. She tries to investigate by asking him what had happened and where Kabuto is. Deidara doesn’t reveal anything.

Kurotsuchi reveals that Sasuke is also not dead and that he’s massive bomb did not work on him. She asks the Zetsu clone that he’s still alive. The leader notices that somethings wrong, by this he asks him the pass phrase. He says Mountain, but Zetsu says Distance Skies, he quickly slices him no matter what. The correct word was River.

Multiple number of Zetsu’s show up. They surround Deidara, he then explodes as he grounds himself and explodes. Both the Zetsu’s and Deidara escape. At this point they all chase him up. Okisuke says that he’s sorry for not stopping them to go.

Deidara reveals that he’s going to need some more detonation clay. At this point, Kabuto talks to Deidara to tell him that he can do what ever he wants to do to create his perfect form. He’s met by Chukichi which helps him but is no use because he’s summoned back and his jutsu fails.

Zetsu is told to find some clay in the ground for him to use to make his special clay. The Samurai’s detect where Darui is, this person also reveals that they have the ability to use Lightning style on their opponent. They keep on running, Zetsu notices that they’re coming, the lightning member activates his technique.

Deidara notices them and sets up land minds. At this point he tries to get away but at that point Kankuro’s puppet holds him, the lightning member is then able to hit, it doesn’t work. Deidara is happy now that he’s going to try and explode the person facing him.

When he goes to explode them, the lightning user is held back, Mifune comes and help him. He’s sorry that he wasn’t able to help because he was at the maximum amount of energy. Deidara and Zetsu get away.

Deidara is facing the moon, when he talks to White Zetsu, he mentions that he’s setup all the bombs and mines. Sasuke appears from nowhere at this point. Deidara is happy that he’s there because it’s his turn to fight him. Sasuke walks towards him, he says that all he wants to do is finish his business with Naruto.

The land mines start to go off. Sasuke starts to run when Deidara also follow him, the White Zetsu is captured. At this point, Deidara catch’s up and notices that Sasuke is on a high point, it seems that at this point, Kurotsuchi reveals that she’s Sasuke.

At this moment, Mifune arrives and quickly stabs Deidara, he tells him that it won’t work. He tries to blow up but doesn’t work because Mifune’s sword starts to spark. He reveals that he has a storage cell which he uses. At this point, Deidara tries to stab the ground but the sword breaks because it’s bed rock.

Kankuro summons the cage and quickly takes him back, he is then re-energized. At this point, Deidara is once again angered by the actions of Kurotsuchi and the others. They all keep on going while Deidara tries to work on the theme of his best bomb yet. Naruto Shippuden 280 ends here.

Deidara is such an awesome character, fantastic to see an episode specially dedicated to him! Although the fights have slowed down for that night, it’s just starting to get interesting! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 281, titled “The Allied Mom Force”, which is another filler about the village.

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  1. dreager1

    That “Sasuke” cameo sounds pretty fun 🙂 I have to say that I don’t have high hopes for the next episode though. i want my canon episodes 😡 Though at least this way the series doesn’t have tyo finish yet


    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, they’re filling up these episodes with log somewhat related fillers… Not liking it one bit… and next week is about the Mom’s squad which is likely to be some weird episode… True, it doesn’t have to finish but still…


    2. Sunite

      The face of Sasuke in the chapter was such a troll.. It didn’t even look like him lool, and yeah the girl didn’t get a good look so she woulnd’t possibly know how he looked like properly… Yeah there might be some serious fillers up a head, mostly before epic scenes and stories..


    1. Sunite

      I’m not the biggest of his fan but yeah I agree that he’s pretty cool, I think this chapter grew on me, plus the fact that White Zetsu is such a playful character in such a situation is pretty funny and cool…. the way he says Deidara is funny lol


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