Yamamoto’s Zanka No Tachi South – Bleach 508

Bleach 508 fires up the whole arc with Yamamoto’s rage towards Juha Bach! We finally see that Yamamoto’s Rage is more than just flames but actually something which is a desire to kill Juha Bach! Even the most powerful of defenses from Juha Bach is easily destroyed by Zanka No Tachi South!

Bleach 508 starts as we just see flames! The Quincy watching from outside notices if the 15,000,000 Degrees of heat which he thinks is an absurdly high temperature could be visible in the forms of flames, he asks himself if it’s an illusion then answers that it’s not.

It’s the overwhelming power of Yamamoto’s reiatsu, such that the reiatsu blowing off looks like flames. The Quincy keeps on looking and wondering of how he’s doing such a thing. Yamamoto quickly tells Juha that he wants to quickly end the fight, he also says that if they don’t end the fight, Juha, Yamamoto and the whole of Soul Society will burn to ash!

Juha notices that he’s being roasted! His eyes, hair and throat are all being dried up. If it wasn’t for his Blut Vene, as well as the distance, he would have turned into ashes. Yamamoto asks him if he’s just to keep staring. Yamamoto reminds Juha that without his broken sword he won’t be able to do anything else.

Yamamoto tells him that even if he runs, he will capture and kill you there and then! At this point, Juha throws a arrow towards Yamamoto which goes at lightning fast speed. Yamamoto stops it just using his hands. Yamamoto realizes that he also has his arrows. Yamamoto then goes towards Juha while Juha backs off because of his weakened defense.

At this point, Juha lifts his arm and tells Yamamoto that Quincy’s abilities aren’t just limited to the Cross and Heilig Pfeil. He then lifts these rods and calls out Kirchenlied (Literally Meaning Holy Hymn), Sank Zwinger (Literally Being the name of a Palace in Dresden, Germany).

Juha Bach reveals that this technique is the greatest of the spells which is the best to protect the Quincy user within. He says if Yamamoto steps inside, the Light of God will tear him apart. Yamamoto steps in and tells Juha that he told him  that nothing will work. He touches the ground.

He says an enchanting, Oh Corpses, Ashes of the Dead Scattered by my Flames, Lend me your Aid! For a Spell, I shall grant you the pleasure of battle! Zanka No Tachi South is activated! Kaka Juumahokushi Daisouyuh! (Literally Meaning Grand Array of 10 Trillion Dead and Buried by Flames)! A large number of bones and such wake up with their sword! Bleach 508 ends here!

What an incredible chapter! Only one more power from Yamamoto is left! North is going to be an epic power from Yamamoto, he’s going to be impossible to beat, Juha Bach will have to run away or die there! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 509!

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  1. deucee9s2wylde

    This chapter and the Captain Commander’s Zanka No Tachi South is crazy awesome, but I think it’s too early to say that Zanka No Tachi North is his only power left to be revealed. I think there’s more to old man Yama than we give him credit for. Looks like he’s pulling out all the stops. Too many of his subordinates have died in this attack on the SS. The old man’s pissed… But I’m wondering if Juha doesn’t have anything else up his sleeves. What of their bankai sealing technique? He hasn’t even tried it. We’re still not sure whether it’ll work or not. Kubo’s been leaving us wanting and waiting in the past few chapters. Very impressive story line. Keep up the good work.


    1. zla92

      Bach has to go Vollständig soon or else hes finished. I cant see what he could have in store for us besides that.

      The built up chapters are very important for the story and end result and as long as they are epic like this i dont mind. I saw lots bitching about the chapter being too short bla bla bla.


      1. Linus135

        LOL all bleach chapters are too short haha..but then again they could be like 50 pages and it would still be short 😛 I just can’t wait to see what happens…although I wish they would jump back to Ichigo/his story sometime soon -_-


      2. Cerisis

        I’m the one bitching about the chapter being too short >…> Yama would totally kick ass next chapter he looks like one of the corpse too lol =^.^ = hi sunite >.>


      3. Sunite

        Yeah, a lot of people think it’s quite short because some page’s are just filled with face expressions and such, but I like how Tite Kubo does it, he includes the best parts in the Manga, then fills some tiny holes in the anime…


    2. Sunite

      Fully agree, Juha cannot keep holding on with his Blut Vene and distance.. He’ll have to get burned one way or another… Plus yeah we still haven’t seen him use any of his other attacks… Hopefully we get to see why Juha Bach is truly the master of the Quincy’s


  2. zla92

    And again i must say i am stunned. Bach pulling the Sankt Zwinger and Yama going necromancer was just awesome. The most powerful defensive Quincy technique yet Yama managed to overcome it. I am really starting to think that Bach is too defensive in this fight and confused as hell. I mean what was he thinking when attacking with heilig Pfeil? There is no chance such thing would work. Also his constant wtf faces alos imply that hes scared. You can see the fear in his eyes. On the other hand blondie seems to be very calm and quite good at analyzing the situation. I wonder what his role here will be.

    The motive of the rising sun at the east and dissapearing on the west seems to be wrong here. Yama obviosuly has south and north. I doubt he could lose with this but what i am thinking, and others i know too, is that his fatigue may be the decisive factor. You saw in this chapter he was breathing his hot reiatsu and also stated that he and everything else will be destroyed if he doesnt finish it quickly. Thats for now the only way i can think of to stop him. Then agian Bach might pull of his last card, the Vollständig. Its pretty interesting.

    Guys the next chap is the last for this volume so be prepared for major cliffhanger. Lets hope he switches afterwards to Ichigo and co.

    Troll section of the post:

    Yama-jis teeth look pretty nice for a 1000 year old. Is he secretly bleaching them?


    1. Sunite

      Haha Love the troll section 😀
      And yeah, the Clad form he was in reminds me that which Ichigo had when he was training with the Fullbringer’s and defeated that girl and came out with his badass form to face Tsukishima… 😀
      Yeah, he’s got North which might his most powerful form, and South Yamamoto’s Defensive (as other bones fight for him)..
      AND WHAT LAST CHAPTER? lol, hopefully the awesome fact that Kubo has been showing us this much of Yamamoto vs Juha would mean that in the new volume, there will be less of them.. possibly the Hueco Mundo bit and Ichigo’s bit too…
      Awesome image 😀


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