End is in our Hands – Imitatia imitates Michelle Lobster – Fairy Tail 144

Fairy Tail 144 begins with the end of the world. The story continues as the impostor who is Michelle Lobster turns out to be a new members of the Oracion Seis, named Imitatia. As the biological link disappears the end begins as a large fish like object covers the whole sky as the clock starts to make the same sound it does.

Fairy Tail 144 begins with Gildarts and Laki contacting the Fairy Tail HQ in order to deliver information that Michelle they know is possibly the wrong person and could be an impostor because she currently have the real Michelle Lobster. Both Bisca and Alzack prepare to go to where the Kardia Cathedral.

Fairy Tail HQ try to contact everyone  who’s with Natsu but fail because the card which Cana provided is within Elfman’s pocket and none of them can hear it. Natsu tries to attack Jackpot but fails. Byro see’s the situation and notices that there is something wrong.

Jackpot heads towards a church, he destroys it with people in it. Byro sees this and tries to quickly attack.  Max attacks Cobra but fail, as Cobra just kicks him, but then it was a type of trap which allowed Erza to attack, unfortunately it failed.

Cobra steps behind Erza and tries to attack when Max appears and takes the attack. Cobra hears that when Max was attacked they appeared to have a beautiful friendship. The topic of Cuberos appears once again because Cobra had lost him which made him very upset, Erza and him talk about it wasting some time.

Cobra tells Erza that they’ll have to settle this fight one day, he then disappears as he wants to get the Celestial Spirit who is connected to Will Neville. Gray and Freed are both injured and unable to do anything. The Celestial Spirit where Angel is, is found and the link is broken. Angel states that Cardinal Rapowant told them that there were only two left, one who was killed here.

Sammy and Lily both start fighting when Sammy starts to slowly reveal information, he states that they all got individual missions. Everyone got their missions, Gatman had received a special mission from Rapowant himself, although Sammy doesn’t know what it is, it seems that the missions is very dark and dangerous.

Byro and Sammy were given different missions, it wasn’t to get the Infinity Clock back, as Sammy speaks, Lily gets a punch on Sammy which literally knocks him out, he says that he was a worthy opponent last time but now he’s hesitating and not fighting as well as he should.

Gajeel and Juvia keep on fighting, even as Gajeel gets beaten down, he doesn’t stop. At a point he knows whats going on, he knows that Juvia is hiding until the perfect time. Juvia attacks by creating a large circular ball covering Gatman, he attacks Juvia but since they are both attached they are both hurt, Gajeel then swipes his sword defeating him.

Bickslow and Wendy are talking to Grim Reaper, he has now obtained his memory, he says that he has lost his memory to gain such power. It was as though someone was controlling him, he states that he had a headache. They realize that Cana also had a headache when she was deciding where everyone should go. It seemed that the partners they had were the teams who were mostly favorable to them.

Brain II faces Will’s grave, he’s unable to get into it because of the Biological Link. Alzack faces Brain II first using his magic, it fires magical bullets which doesn’t affect him. Alzack when displays magical guns pointing in one direction, as he goes to fire them all their spots are switched and the guns fire at Alzack himself.

Alzack knows that Bisca is really to fire the gun, she does so at Brain II but fails because Brain II uses his magic to change replace the change the direction of the bullet, Brain II then attacks Bisca meaning that both of them are down with just one move.

Jackpot uses his Anti-Link key to kill the Celestial Spirit, breaking the biological link. Byro is then told by Jackpot to only carry out his mission. Natsu tries to attack, since Byro nullifies any magic he does this to Jackpot allowing Natsu to completely destroy him. Lucy at the same time feels that there is something really wrong.

Brain II notices that the Anti-Link is complete and is able to enter and destroy the gave of Will Neville. The clock starts to go off once more, the sky goes dark and a large object appears. It appears right on top of the Church. It lands down spikes which hold the object in one place. All the exceeds fly together when Sammy goes his own way.

Byro reveals that his orders were to bring Lucy back which he can now. He doesn’t understand it himself but he has to follow his own orders. Jackpot starts to speak, he unzips the front and comes out, it’s the stick with the bone head, his name is Klodoa, he reveals that he’s been the master mind behind the whole thing.

He reveals that there are 7 members in the Oracion Seis, but then Lucy remembers that we only saw 6 members. Klodoa reveals that there is now no need for Michelle Lobster to hide because the moment is perfect. After Lucy talks to Michelle as well as defending her, she reveals her real form to be Imitatia who is the perfect master of mimicry and deception. She’s the seventh member of Oracion Seis.

Imitatia reveals that she needed the help of Fairy Tail to look for the clock pieces in order to bring this to world, she was able to control everyone perfect. Natsu tries to attack Imitatia when Lucy shouts not to, stopping Natsu. He’s now knocked back by the technique Imitatia uses. She reveals that Byro now needs to take both Natsu and Lucy back to the church.

Natsu will put into jail, Byro tells her that he doesn’t have to do anything she asks. But then she shows Byro something which means that the gold seal has the same authority as the archbishop. This makes Byro stop his shouting and obey, it also means that Lucy will be taken to the Church. Lucy is hit and made unconscious by Imitatia, Elfman tries to contact Fairy Tail HQ as quickly and secretively as he can. Fairy Tail 144 ends here.

The beginning of the end has begun and the action is just getting warmed up. Natsu and Lucy will probably be taken back to the church to do some kind of ceremony. It’s certainly going to be epic, so can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 145, titled “Real Nightmare”, where  Natsu is put into jail with the Jiggle Butt Gang, while the other Fairy Tail members reunite and talk about what they should do, also Kinana is involved here as Cobra searches for Cuberos.

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