Natsu and Gajeel own Sabertooth! – Dragon Force Activated! – Fairy Tail 294

Fairy Tail 294 has a spectacle never seen before! Fairy Tail’s Natsu and Gajeel go up against Third Generation Dragon Slayer Sting and Rogue from Sabertooth. The moment has definitely built up and it’s the perfect time for their show down. They go up against each other to find out that Natsu and Gajeel are just too powerful, when Sting and Rogue pull their trump card revealing their Dragon Force!

We this Clash of Dragon Slayers from last week’s chapter, with everything telling Natsu and Gajeel to do their best. As Lucy’s still asleep she says Natsu’s name for luck. Levy says Gajeel. While everyone else cheers them on to win this match! They know that both Natsu and Gajeel will be able beat them hands down!

They both face each other. Sabertooth’s head Jiemma tells Sting and Rogue to make their victory overwhelming as well as show their strength to be the top guild! Makarov tells Natsu and Gajeel to put all their heart into it because he has nothing else to say. Sting seems happy because he’s always wanted to face up against Natsu. The match starts!

Sting and Rogue tells themselves that they’re ready to go! In that moment, both Natsu and Gajeel move in front of Sting and Rogue with such an intense speed that they don’t even notice. Both Natsu and Gajeel smack their heads with such force that it pushes them back! Minerva and the crowd keep on looking as they’re attached.

Natsu quickly moves on top of Sting and smashes his legs onto Sting’s face pushing him back even more! Gajeel smashes Rogue’s face onto the floor. Both Rogue and Sting recover in deer time with a little dirt on them. Sting starts by using his White Dragon’s Roar which shoots a type of laser right at Natsu, missing him.

Rogue also uses his technique, calling it the Shadow Dragon’s Slash, Rogue goes for the smash in the face but is quickly blocked by Gajeel’s Iron Dragon’s sword! After the block, Gajeel quickly throws an attack at Rogue pushing him back. Natsu from nowhere grabs Rogue’s face literally forcing him to move!

Sting notices this, Natsu moves towards the direction of Sting, When Natsu gets close enough to Sting, Natsu unleashes his fantastic Flame Dragon’s Wing Attack, obliterating both of them with just this attack! That was just a quick moment of loads of action, everyone watches as Natsu and Gajeel attack the two strongest Dragon Slayers.

Sting tells Natsu that he knew that they’d be strong, and this is what they expected. Rogue calls out to Gajeel. Natsu asks them if this is really the powerful they used to beat the dragons. Sting tells them that they didn’t beat them, they killed them, with their own hands! Natsu asks them if they were their parents, Sting tells them that it’s nothing to do with them.

Both Sting and Rogue power up, Sting says White Drive, Rogue says Shadow Drive! They now both seem to be a lot more powerful. Jiemma tells everyone that it’s now over for a garbage guild. Sting attacks.

Receive the judgement of Holy White. He launches an attack which gets Natsu right in the face. Rogue also gets an attack in when he smacks Gajeel in the face. Rogue tells Gajeel that shadows cannot be captured. Rogue then smacks his elbow onto Gajeel’s face.

Marvis notices that this is an Magic Amplification Technique. Sting tells Natsu that he’s always looked up to Natsu, but now he intends to surpass him. Now is that time. Sting places a stigma on Natsu’s torso region. He tells him that the White Dragon’s Claw is a Holy Attack!

As Sting goes for his attack, Natsu notices that it’s going to be trouble if he doesn’t do something. Rogue also tries to attack by capturing Gajeel from behind. Gajeel quickly hangs on to Rogue’s arm then tells him what hunting is. Sting also notices that Natsu is also smiling.

As Sting goes for his powerful attack, Natsu gets his right hook into Sting’s face obliterating his face right in! Sting asks how Natsu can move, Natsu tells him that the stigma that he placed has been burnt away.

Gajeel tells Rogue not to get full of themselves because they shouldn’t be looking down on Fairy Tail! Gajeel then uses his elbow to smack Rogue in the chin! Natsu also smacks Sting one in the chin! At this point everyone is shocked at the fact that the strongest guild’s dragon slayers are getting pushed around.

Sting now tells Natsu that he’ll have to use the best technique he has. The White Dragon’s Fist will turn every flame into ash. He speaks the words, Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art Holy Nova! IT launches an attack right in front of Natsu. Everyone sees that damage done and think if Natsu can endure such an attack.

The dust blows away to reveal that Natsu is completely held the attack and no more than burnt cloths were the injuries. Stings currently is in shock that he’s most powerful technique was stopped by Natsu, only using his hand! Members of the Sabertooth are shocked to see such an attacked stopped.

Rogue then launches his attack on Gajeel, but before he could do this Gajeel smacks him one on the chin. Makarov says that 3 Months of Training and Second Origin, made Natsu and Gajeel this strong.  Both Rogue and Sting are getting serious pushed around at this point. Yajima’s look on his face seems to be of disappointment.

Both Natsu and Gajeel stand up high with next to no damage done to them as their levels compared to Sting and Rogue are just too different. IT seems that the match seems over as Sting and Rogue seems to be down. At this point, Rogue starts to get up, then Sting gets up.

Sting tells Natsu and Gajeel that they expected it to be hard for them to surpass them because of their power. He then speaks the words that he’s doing this for Lector, his Exceed. At this point their appearances changes completely as if they’ve powered up even more!

Natsu notices the changes and so does Gajeel. Makarov seems to remember this type of magic but can’t put his hand on it. Minerva tells everything that they should quake because the Third Generation Dragon Slayers are even more powerful. Mystogan, or Jellal thinks to himself if they can really activate this technique on their own. Marvis reveals this technique to be the Dragon Force! She seems to be unease by it. Fairy Tail 294 ends here!

What a fight! It’s just starting out and Natsu and Gajeel haven’t had to even power up once! While Sting and Rogue have done it a second time now! This new unknown technique, Dragon Force has been activated and it seems to be terrifying! Hopefully it does something humongous that Natsu and Gajeel have to power up! Can’t wait till next week’s Fairy Tail 295, titled “Sting and Lector”, possibly something about Sting and his Exceed Lector.

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  1. Linus135

    I think this is an amazing chapter 🙂 I couldn’t wait to see this fight and it hasn’t been a disappointment. Amazing to see how strong Natsu and Gajeel are now as well as the “Twin Dragons of Sabertooth”….Can’t wait for next week’s chapter with Dragon Force and since Natsu and Gajeel haven’t even done much yet, it should be epic!!!!


    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, this was a long waited fight for them. Although at first I was really surprise at the fact that after a few attack from dragon slayers, they are still standing the way they are, with no wounds or anything! I just though that the author may have been cheating a little, until Makarov mentioned the Second Origin thing. Was it what Ultear did to the Fairy Tail Guild when they missed their training session?

      Yeah this Dragon Force thing seems to be something to watch for next week.


      1. Linus135

        Yea I think the “three months” was referring to Gajeel and “Second Origin” is in reference to Natsu….I wonder if Fairy Tail’s dragon slayers will enter Dragon Force as well, or if they’ll even need it 😛


          1. Linus135

            Well I’m pretty sure that when Natsu’s gang got back from the celestial spirit world, they lost the 3 months and only had 5 days to train….so Crime Sorciere found them and explained the whole “2nd container of magic” thing inside each wizard. They used “Arc of Time” to allow Natsu’s group to access their “Full Potential” or “Second Origin”. But Gajeel had the 3 months to train since he went off somewhere 😛 …so I think in that time period he became able to access it as well? Not too sure since we don’t know their full power yet XD


            1. Sunite

              Lol yeah thats exactly what I’m talking about lol, what Ultear did to them lol 😛 Yeah agree we still don’t know anything about it.. and hopefully it does make Natsu and the others a whole lot powerful! Specially Lucy because she’s weak!


  2. franciz jann

    i think next chapter is that natsu and gajeel will also use dragon force. as they were shock only a bit and and gajeel didnt have any reaction just commented…. upon their magic… SO EXCITING…


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