Clock Hand Stolen – Byro Cracy from Legion Corps – Fairy Tail 131

Fairy Tail 131 continues from last week’s episode. Lucy and Michelle both fall from the cliff but are saved by her Celestial Spirits. Byro is met by Gildarts, they go on a head to head match to see who’s stronger. Gildarts makes Byro tell his plans. Erza and Gray appear to help both Natsu and Gildarts as they are unable to defeat their opponents. The clock hand piece which Lucy’s father gave to her has now been taken away from her.

The episode continues as the episode continues. Byro tells Sugerboy to defeat Natsu because he’s such a nuisance. Natsu wants to fight him but there are better things Byro could do. As Natsu tries to fire his technique, it’s quickly nullified by Byro in seconds. The green goo which Sugerboy has just absorbs Natsu’s fire.

Byro gets going while Sugerboy stalls Natsu. As Lucy falls, she calls for her Celestial Spirit, Aries which creates a pink cloud which helped them to fall properly. Lucy then gets Taurus out to help her defeat the enemy, but ultimately he can’t because he sees that she’s got a nice body too.

She then brings out Scorpio to help her. As Coco runs, Lily uses he’s larger form to capture Coco even if she looks like the one from Edolas. He fails and so does Wendy with her magical dragon powers.

As Byro moves around, he founds himself with Gildarts at his front. Following Gildarts is Jason, the reporter for Weekly Sorcerer. Gildarts goes on a head to attack Byro because he seems to be attacking his Fairy Tail Guild. Byro tells Gildarts that he’s used his magic to nullify his magic and discharge it behind him.

As Scorpio tries to hit, Lucy is put in the middle, so Scorpio hits Michelle by mistake as he tries to divert his sand. Natsu keeps attacking the green goo but fails. The Goo had absorbed his magic and turned itself into fire. It started to beat up Natsu, which couldn’t do anything because he’s very tired.

Gildarts and Byro keep on going. Byro reveals that he has to accomplish his mission. Jason realizes that the person Gildarts is facing is Byro Cracy from the Legion Corps who have been through such a hard training to perfect their magics.

We return to Natsu who’s told Happy to fly him high and drop him from the top. This helped him to enter the fire goo from the top. He then started to exert such a large amount of energy which helped the goo. After a point, the good couldn’t absorb anymore that it just exploded.

Byro tells Gildarts that he’s there to capture Lucy and that he’s got nothing to do with Fairy Tail Guild. He wants something which Lucy has, a clock hand which was given to her by her father. Gildarts and Byro go on a head to head match that it’s impossible for one of them to win. Erza joins Gildarts to help him. Gray joins Natsu to help him because his not able to fight in his current situation.

Lucy is made to walk forward by the Hughes. She keeps walking forward even when she tries to force herself not too. Hughes then gets the hand which she needs for her mission. Lucy falls because she’s lost such a valuable thing. Hughes uses a signal which launches into the sky and emits a bright green light. Everyone sees it and is shocked about it. Fairy Tail 131 ends here.

What a crazy episode. The amount of action from Gildarts in this is awesome! Plus Gray and Erza joining in is fantastic! I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 132 when they discover further about what the key means. Titled “Key of the Starry Sky”.


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