Natsu vs Gemma – Fairy Tail 283

Fairy Tail 283 gets everything riding as Natsu barges in alone into Sabertooth’s Lodging. Gemma and Natsu go on a one to one match where Natsu is seen absolutely bashing Gemma out of the water! Natsu get’s so angry that it seems as though he could even beat Gildarts or Erza. Natsu is stopped from making more damage as Happy was previously taken by one of the Sabertooth members.

FT 283 starts off as every members of Sabertooth notices him standing there with such an angry face. Sting, Rogue and every other members are somewhat surprised to see him there alone. Gemma asks if he’s serious because he had previously told him to fight him, the loser would leave their guild.

Natsu tells Gemma that people who take their Nakama for granted are unforgivable. Sting and Rogue both notice that he’s talking about Yukino. Sting realizes that the problem they had, has nothing to do with Natsu, and even though he came barging in. Gemma brushes off Natsu’s accusation and tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Natsu gets pissed and tells angrily tells him that he knows exactly what he’s talking about. Gemma, tells one of his subordinates, called Dobengal, to go and fight Natsu. Natsu suggests to Gemma that he’s running away, but Gemma reveals that Natsu has to be qualified to fight him.

Dobengal tells Natsu to fight them, and thus he wont be able to get any closer to Gemma. Dobengal’s first strike misses and Natsu uses this opportunity to absolutely smash them away. Sting notices how strong he is. The two exceeds chatter that Natsu’s power would put him within the top 10 of Sabertooth.

Sting puts himself forward to fight Natsu, but Gemma stops him because he’s clearly qualified by beating Dobengal. Natsu faces him and blocks his first attack and repels his attack. Natsu gets down low and punches Gemma right in the stomach, after this point, Natsu goes on a all out punch bag style war with Gemma, he probably repeats his moves multiple times.

Natsu then goes to use his Raienryuu No Gekitetsu (Literally meaning Lighting Flame Dragons Iron Strike). There is a large explosion within the lodge outwards, and it seems as thought Gemma has taken a powerful impact. But as the smoke clears we see a woman use her techniques to stop both of their attacks. Her name is Minerva.

Gemma asks Minerva why she stopped their attacks, she ignores him and carries on speaking. She suggests that even at the present state. Natsu would have lost and Gemma , she regards him as father, would have won. She stops the fight because she wants to make sure that the Sabertooth Guild has a high appearance because if Natsu was attacked by Gemma, it would stain their name.

She mentions that Gemma was all exited about the fight because Natsu has made sure that he would not back down from the clear challenge. She proposes a theory where the incident is forgotten. She then summons Happy using her technique. Minerva tells him that all the people who got beaten up would be counted as nothing if they both go different ways.

He accepts and Happy is returned back to him. Happy tells him that he was captured at the entrance, Natsu starts to go outside. Gemma mentions that Natsu has some backbone on him because he’s clearly able to take care of himself. As Natsu walks, he mentions that he wont be losing to them and they wont be able to surpass them.

He then mentions that, if they are a real Guild, they should take care of their Nakama. That’s all he has to say. As he walks off, Rogue notices that there are no real bonds within the Sabertooth Guild. While Sting worries about how strong Natsu has gotten to even face Gemma in such a fight. Fairy Tail 283 ends here.

This amazing unfinished fight seems fantastic. To see the end of this fight will be epic because we haven’t really seen the full powers of Gemma, and it seems to be that he may have taken a few hits from Natsu, but he would probably give a lot of more powerful hits out. Next week’s Fairy Tail 284, titled, “Pandemonium”. Comment and tell me what you think it’ll be about.


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  1. Linus135

    This is an epic chapter. It is awesome to see Natsu rage like this and show his power while striking a little fear into Sabertooth. I think the next chapter’s title is referring to the next event in the competition. Since we had basically 2 chapters without much happening in terms of the events, I think they will follow these events with Natsu getting scolded for charging into Sabertooth and the next 2 events. I think Erza will be fighting next since it’s doubtful Natsu will fight after a chapter like this. Also I believe FT-A will have to fight FT-B in the next chapter or soon. The title “Pandemonium” could possibly refer to FT members fighting each other…although we know they would still love the fight.


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