A Timeless Fight – Ulquiorra vs Hollow Ichigo

If you’re a massive fan of Bleach, and don’t know the characters above, I’m  more shocked  at the fact that you don’t then knowing the characters above. Ulquiorra Cifer and Ichigo Kurosaki’s Hollow both had one of the most impressive fight within the Bleach Worlds!

If you don’t remember the moment perfectly, Ichigo had been killed by Ulquiorra because Ichigo’s Hollow powers were unable to keep up with Ulquiorra’s Final Form. Orihime, had shouted for help at the moment of Ichigo’s death. Ichigo’s soul heard her, and Ichigo’s powers quickly went out of control.

At this point, Ulquiorra noticed Ichigo’s transformation and tries to fight back. But at every attack, Hollow Ichigo went ahead to stop Ulquiorra and in no time, Ichigo quickly captured him and used he’s own Cero directly on Ulquiorra at close range!

At this point, Ichigo regains control of himself and notices what he did. He sees Orihime facing Ulquiorra as they share a moment. Ulquiorra’s body starts to degrade into dust and he dies. If this point in Bleach was epic for you, as it was for me. Like, Comment and Share this point to show your appreciation! Image by Solaristics, check his work out!

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