Ichigo vs Ginjo – Secrets of the Substitute Shinigami Badge – Bleach 365

What an incredible episode, with both laugh as well as some amazing action between Ichigo vs Ginjo. They both keep fighting, they open their Bankai’s and fight! The other Shinigami’s wait still for Ichigo’s decision. But as the episode grows, Ichigo decides to face Ginjo for harming his family.

We start the episode as both Uryu and Ichigo hide to plan what to do. Ichigo appears behind Ishida and regardless what he’s saying, he goes on a head without hearing what he is saying. He confronts Ginjo and in no time is told by him that he should send a Getsuga Tensho.

As he sends one, Ginjo blocks himself and sends one back, but instead of being blue and white, it’s pink and white. This hits Ichigo’s right arm causing him to get injured. Uryu appears behind Ginjo so he could give Ichigo some time to escape from the attack without any more attacks after this.

We start with Ikkaku getting out of the dimension, when he sees Zaraki. Then Renji appears from the trees. After some moments Byakuya appears with Rukia with him as she seems to be fine but unconscious. Toshiro then shows up with Yukio, they all look at how there is only one dimension left, which is Ichigo.

Ichigo and Ginjo keep fighting when Ginjo tells him that Tsukishima is dead! He then mentions that when a Fullbringer dies, all traces of his abilities disappear also. Ginjo quickly asks what Ichigo is fighting for? Ichigo unable to answer says nothing. Ginjo then tells him who the real people he should be fighting are.

Ginjo reveals that the Substitute Shinigami Combat Pass is not for authority, but is used to control the to keep watch and control. The Soul Society is able to keep constant tabs on his whereabouts using the Combat Pass. It has allowed them to control Ichigo’s Spiritual Pressure. The Combat Pass is a device that communicates with the Soul Society.  Jushiro Ukitake, The Captain of Squad 13 is the person to blame when it came to this incident regarding the Combat Pass’s real goal.

At this moment, Ichigo opens his Bankai to reveal that he has a new one due to his powers mixing with his Fullbring powers. The dimension then breaks due to the large pressure. Ichigo then tells Ginjo that what Ukitake said to Ichigo was definitely odd, but being a Substitute Shinigami was the only way for him to protect his family and friends.

Ginjo then opens his Bankai to reveal that he has a is transformed into a skeletal type person. At this point, both Ichigo and Ginjo then go head on head as they both fight in their most powerful Bankai form. They smash their blades at each other, then the episode ends here.

What an incredible episode that was! Next week’s Bleach 366, the episode will have the finishing fight between them as well as this could probably be the end of The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc. The last episode episode of this arc will be awesome! Can’t wait!

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