Kabuto faces Sasuke and Itachi – Naruto 578

Naruto manga is seriously starting to tickle my taste buds! Naruto 578 is absolutely amazing! It states that there are 3 fights going on simultaneously, The first is Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy vs The Masked Man (Tobi). The second is the Kage’s vs Madara Uchiha, and finally Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto. I thought that the fights were just getting started during Naruto’s fights, but this is absolutely amazing! Kage’s vs Madara and Sasuke plus Itachi vs Kabuto brings a whole new level to what a actual Shinobi war means.

Sasuke enters the chamber in which his brother and Kabuto are located in. He defeats the crows which had been summoned by Itachi to confuse and stop him following him. Sasuke then notices that he sees a character which looks a lot like Orochimaru, when he hears his voice, he notices that it’s actually Kabuto.

Sasuke asks why he’s there in the first place, Kabuto tells him that its a little complex so he’ll make it simpler for them to understand. Itachi insists on him explaining to give him more time to defeat the Impure World Resurrection (Edo Tensei).

We return to Kage’s battle, where Tsunade has tried to smash the thing holding her in place as she is stuck. Shocked Madara quickly reacts by pulling the rope to get back what ever Tsunade was hanging on. Tsunade is then pushed outwards which then she hits the wall.

She wakes up to find out that her injury has been healed, Madara mentions that the restoring technique requires no hand seal, it is the same ability that Hashirama has possessed. As Madara is distracted with Tsunade, Onoki sends a Jinto Genkai Karuki No Jutsu which is absorbed by the Rinnegan which Madara posses.

Madara then mentions that since it’s 5 vs 1 on the Kage’s side, he should even things out a little. At this point he creates 25 Tajuu Mokuton Bunshin No Jutsu which literally means Multiple Wood Clone. 5 of each clone go to each Kage to make it fair, 5 vs 1.

At the other fight, Kabuto is trying to control Sasuke into killing Itachi as he says “Itachi is currently a nuisance for both of us”. Here to tries to get Sasuke to fight Itachi instead of himself as they both had the same power and the same master.

Sasuke then mentions that he wants to talk to Itachi, not kill him. Kabuto faces Sasuke with a question; he asks whose side he’s on. Sasuke’s answer is revealed when he throws shuriken’s at Kabuto when it’s suddenly stopped by Itachi. Sasuke warns Itachi that he’s an enemy since he’s the same as Orochimaru.

Itachi promises that they will have to talk later on, in exchange for both of them defeating him first, without killing him. Itachi tells Sasuke that he must not kill Kabuto has he’s the one who performed the Edo Tensei, or else the Jutsu will continue forever.

Itachi states that he will use his Tsukuyomi to understand how to stop it, then while he’s under the effect of the Tsukuyomi, he will control Kabuto and stop the Edo Tensei. Kabuto then mocks Itachi on how perfectly his plan will go. He then said that the there is no single weakness nor a risk to the jutsu.

Itachi states a fact, that any jutsu has a weakness, he then reveals that the Edo Tensei’s weak point and risk is Itachi. Kabuto says that this is going to be interesting since brothers fight together to fight evil. The chapter ends here.

Incredible episode! If you guys didn’t find that amazing, I’m not sure you read it correctly because these 3 fights will be epic! Also it’s great that both Itachi and Sasuke will fight together to destroy any remnants of Orochimaru’s powers. Can’t wait for Naruto 579 when we’ll continue with 1 of the 3 amazing fights!

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