Ichigo’s Full Fullbring Form – Bleach 358

After a long training scheme, Ichigo has finally reached his Full Fullbring Form. Ichigo has been training with the Xcution group for a long time now, and after some hard determination, Ichigo has reached at the end of his road with his Fullbring abilities.

As Ichigo builds his stamina to help him to cope with his Fullbring abilities. Fullbring is performed using your flesh and blood. To fully control it, you need a crazy amount of stamina.

As seen in the above images, Ichigo’s Fullbring seems to be very unique, it was a unique bone feel to it. The white colored bone type covering covers Ichigo’s face, and whole body from shoulders to feet. From the bits where it is not covered, Ichigo’s skin has turned dark.

We can see that Ichigo has also gained a smaller sword then Zangetsu’s sword. The sword itself has the same color scheme to his Fullbring form, which is with a dark to light color. This time there is actually a grip for Ichigo to hold to. The guard of the sword itself resembles the Substitute Shinigami Badge, as the badge itself has turned into the guard.

Ichigo’s abilities has now dramatically increased such that it has surpassed his old Shikai powers. Ichigo is now able to move from Hollows very quickly, as well as slicing them using only a small amount of power.

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