Tsukishima “From Today Onwards, You’re Coming With Me” – Bleach 477

This weeks Bleach 477 ended with an emotional image of Ginjo telling Tsukishima “From Today Onwards, You’re Coming With Me”.

This image was brought forward when Ginjo died by Ichigo’s new Bankai, and thus Tsukishima was willing to make Ichigo pay for what he had done. Riruka opened Tsukishima’s eyes to what Ichigo had done, Riruka mentioned that Ichigo had saved Ginjo.

At a very young age, as the image suggests, Tsukishima met Ginjo near the tree. As far as we know, Ginjo tells Tsukishima “Is that right?”, “Then you’re like me then.”. From this point on, I’m guessing that Tsukishima was thought how to fight and hold a sword by the hands of Ginjo.

This built their relationship but was never told again. Before Ginjo’s death, Tsukishima never had the chance to tell Ginjo that he looked up to him as a mentor and a friend. A past that could not be severed, and a bond that could not be saved.

Hopefully Bleach 478 will tell us more about their past, however I don’t want to see the whole chapter going into telling their past, but in fact for half to go into their past and half to go to the current storyline.

What do you think?

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