Urahara and Isshin’s Secret Meetings – Bleach 350

In today’s informative Bleach 350 episode. We saw at the ending, Isshin and Urahara met up talk about something really secretive.

A little before this moment, Ichigo was walking up the street and saw his father, Isshin Kurosaki. He may have been noticed by Urahara and Isshin hence the change in the meeting place.

The fact that Isshin and Urahara are meeting up would usually mean that something big is going down. The last time that Urahara and Isshin were seen together were during the fight between Soul Society and Aizen. This secret meetings are a part of something bigger, and even in the manga it’s not been properly explained, so this will have to be done properly maybe in the future.

Okay, so this introduction of these two characters, is a treat. Just knowing that there is something bigger going on in the back is fantastic. Watch next week’s Bleach 351.

What do you think?

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