The Truth about The Shinigami Badge and Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach 474

Bleach 474 is what I call an EPIC Chapter! Today’s chapter has opened up a whole new story to Bleach anime and manga! Tsukishima is finally defeated! Ginjo is all that is left… but in that instant, a shocking truth is revealed…!

In Bleach 474, Ginjo tells Ichigo that he’s being used by the Soul Society, not as a Substitute Shinigami but as an outsider towards Soul Society. The chapter starts out in Urahara’s Shop with Isshin and Urahara making sure that Orihime and Sado are okay. Looking at both their faces, they look really worried and unhappy because they know that Ginjo will show the secret instead of prolonging the secret anymore.

At where Ichigo, Uryu and Ginjo are, Ichigo is told “Why do you think that you were given your badge in the first place?”, as always Ichigo has no answer to this question. “When they gave you your license, they probably said something like this: If a Substitute Shinigami is classified as a ‘benefit’ to Soul Society, they will award you with a badge”. Ginjo drops the bomb on Ichigo, “That’s a Lie!”, Ginjo goes on to say “A benefit, or a danger, they award you a badge either way.”

Ichigo asks Ginjo what the Shinigami Badge’s true purpose is, Ginjo spills the beans, “The Badge’s true purpose is to Observe and to Restrict You!”. The Badge is a surveillance device as well as a device to absorb, analyse and control your Reiatsu. Ichigo was given the badge to be controlled by the Soul Society!

Kugo Ginjo also reveals to Ichigo that the man behind this scheme is “Captain of the 13th Division, Ukitake Jushiro!” During this moment of revealing the true identity of person behind this dangerous scheme, Ichigo became furious! Uryu noticed that it wasnt a good moment to be talking about such a topic since Ichigo has a very short anger span, getting angry is his specialty. “We were both conned! By the most peaceful man of the Gotei 13 himself”, Ginjo then says, “He wanted to see us, to control us, and use us as Soul Society’s Pawns! and above all, to execute us should be rebel!”

This secret has been known by everybody in Soul Society except for Ichigo himself. In that instant, Ichigo shouts to blow away all hesitation! and says the special two syllable word , “BANKAI!”

Now that chapter was EPIC! Ichigo’s New Bankai Look will probably be revealed in next’s Bleach 475 Chapter! This new story within Bleach is just the start! Keep reading and watching Bleach! Enjoy!

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    1. Sunite

      I also saw this image. I did some background research and that image is named “ichigos combined forms” so basically, its not he’s new Bankai, but in fact a fan image of most of Ichigo’s forms combined.


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