Kugo Ginjo Releases Getsuga Tensho! – Bleach 470

In this weeks Bleach 470 Manga Chapter, Ichigo finds out the hard way that Kugo Ginjo is able to use all of Ichigo’s powers such as the Getsuga Tensho.

Ichigo and Uryu are both fighting Ginjo. Due to Kugo having Ichigo’s power its a problem both for Uryu and Ichigo because Ichigo has never seen his own soul reaper powers from a third-party. And since Uryu has gone as far as seeing Ichigo’s Hollow power Vasto Lorde during the fight with Ulquiorra, therefore Uryu Ishida would be worried.

It’s too early to say if Ginjo is also able to use any of Hollow Ichigo’s power or even get to the stage of the Vasto Lorde. If that is even possible, im sure that both Uryu and Ichigo would both be in trouble, as would Ginjo, because the hollowfication process would occur hence a lot of damage would be dealt to both Uryu and Ichigo.

In this Chapter, Ichigo try’s to get advice of how to deal with Ginjo, Ichigo says “Yo, had any good ideas yet…?” and then says “I thought you were coming up with a game plan or something.”, Uryu had already noticed that Ginjo is able to use Ichigo’s powers, but Ichigo stubbornly jumps above, and gets a surprise shot by a Getsuga Tensho. Uryu Ishida also goes on to say “Your Reiatsu and Fullbring weren’t the only thing he Stole. It’s likely that he’s obtained all of your abilities!”

This is just the start of this fight. Comment on the abilities you guys think Kugo Ginjo has stolen from Ichigo Kurosaki. Keep reading Bleach 472, as well as watching the latest Bleach Episodes.

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