Ouko Yushima’s Hajokuri! – Bleach 340

Ouko Yushima’s (Ōko Yushima) Hajokuri! Hajokuri turns everything around it into Reishi and takes it in. The ability compromised when Ishida’s Sprenger’s Attack was known as Ouko Yushima had already predicted this technique. Although Ishida had predicted that Ouko Yushima would absorb the reishi from Ishida’s Seeleschneider. Following this, Ishida, Rukia, Renji, Inoue and Chad all had a trick to suck out all the Reiatsu which Ouko Yushima has!

But! this trick didn’t work! Ouko Yushima was able to open up Hajokuri which counter attacked Ishida’s technique and instead of Ishida absorbing Ouku’s Reiatsu, Ouku absorbed the Reishi from the Sprenger’s and was able to release his Hajokuri Attack!

Read more on Ouko Yushima’s Powers here!

We’ll have to watch Bleach 341 episode next week and see who may finally win!

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