Team Kakashi (Team 7)

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    1. Sunite

      yeh thats true, but since the whole team’s fallen apart.. Sai’s come in and has helped out 🙂
      but its been good entertainment when Sasuke went… and all these fights starting..


      1. Sriram

        Agreed. I like the bad-ass Sasuke more than the lame good-guy. But I hope he stabs Obito in the back. Obito has some serious issues… what he needs most now is not the Juubi.. it’s a good psychiatrist.


        1. Sunite

          If Sasuke even looks at Obito, will his Amaterasu not activate like before in the cave when he was about to show himself to Sasuke? It might be hard to Sasuke to part with them at this point…


  1. naruto99

    Where Sasuke is going, he’ll know the truth and everything. Then he’ll realize what Itachi tried to tell him before he died again. Sasuke will redeem himself to Naruto and to everyone, and Team 7 will be Team Hope. I hope..


    1. Sunite

      We all seem to think that where Sasuke is going is to a place where he’s eyes will open and realize the truth, although they are going to the person who knows everything, this doesn’t mean that he’ll be told the truth or even if he does actually turns good, we’ve seen him realize what Itachi did, and he still has a grudge against that, and Konoha was at fault with that situation, plus Konoha itself has a bunch of dark patches, it’s not a village where everything and everyone is happy and peaceful, it can be a evil one when you want it to… So I’m hoping for Sasuke not to join Naruto, making his job even harder…


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