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Ten-Tails Has Been Revived! – Stop Tobi! – Naruto 594

Naruto 594 is another epic chapter consisting of a large amount of information on the Ten Tails as it’s just about to be revived! As the Mazo starts to freak out after getting all 9 Chakra’s the Ten Tail starts to get revived, Naruto’s Kurama explains some information on the Ten Tails and its destructive power! Kurama also explains that Tobi has successfully obtained all the 9 Chakra’s from the other beasts!

We start Naruto 594 as The Gedo Mazo starts to freak out, Gai explains that the Mazo has been acting very weird ever since it had a large object within its mouth. Kakashi quickly remembers that Tobi had mentioned that he wanted to revive the Ten Tails in its perfect form, but wouldn’t be able too. Tobi tells all of them to look carefully at whats about to happen as well as feel the sense in the air with their skin.

Tobi shouts at them that the Ten Tails has been Revived! The beginning and the end of this world! Everyone is shocked after hearing what Tobi has just said! Kakashi clicks and gets that the Mazo is just the vessel for the Ten Tails. Kakashi also remembers that at the meeting of the Gokage, they mentioned that the War was for the sake of gathering the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts.

Kakashi remembers that for this to happen all 9 Tailed Beasts must be gathered for the Ten Tailed Beast to be created. He asks Killer Bee and Naruto is this is some kind of joke. Bee quickly remembers that at one point one of his tentacle was cut which could explain how Tobi may have obtained his chakra. Naruto notices that within the jar and bottle, his chakra was also present in there. Kurama asks Naruto to switch so he could explain to everyone.

Naruto and Kurama switch therefore Kurama is now in control of Naruto. He tells everyone to listen up. Bee notices that both of them have switched places as they are now buddies. Kakashi and Gai notice the change in voice. He tells everyone that if only a piece of the beasts is necessary, then both their chakra are already within the Gedo Mazo. Kakashi is shocked.

Kurama explains what the pot and bottle do, he explains that the pot had Kinkaku while the bottle had Ginkaku. Kurama goes on to explain that they once fought with them and ate his chakra from the meat in Kurama’s stomach to absorb it. Kakashi notices that it’s the same intel they discovered from HQ during the fight with Darui’s division. Kurama explains that he doesn’t know what the form will be when the Ten Tail is revived.

Kakashi tells Tobi that he would like to do something before the Ten Tails is revived. Tobi tells him that he always opens his mouth so easily, he then says no wonder he lived his life in regret. Gai asks who Tobi could be because he knows way to much about them. Tobi tells them that he doesn’t remember faces very well so there is no point in telling him.

Kurama tells Kakashi that now is his only chance before the Ten Tails is revived to do something about it. Kurama also tells everyone that the Sage of Six Paths had told them that the revival of the Ten Tails will signal the end of this world. Naruto asks Kurama is the Ten Tails is really that strong. Kurama goes on to tell Naruto that the Ten Tails also has a collection of all the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts. It is the beginning of all chakra, a god who created countries. They also have many names, it swallows oceans, splits the land, carries mountains and progenitor of all that exists in this world. Simply, it’s all 9 Beasts combined.

Tobi tells all of them that the Ten Tail’s Revival doesn’t need to be perfect for his purpose. His goal is simply to use the Great Genjutsu Infinite Tsukuyomi. He wants to cast this technique on everyone in the planet, to make the world one and free of anyone. There would be no war, no peace, nothing, just a perfect world.

Tobi tells everyone that Earth doesn’t need heroes, hope or the future. At the Ten Tails Revival, he would be able to use his Infinite Tsukuyomi to ends this reality. Naruto asks Kurama to change back, and he does. Naruto begins his  inspiring speech by saying that, he had a father, a mother and even Jiraiya. He tells Tobi that all kids look up to heroes, that’s why he wants to keep running forward to become a Hokage. Kurama smiles. Naruto tells Tobi his dream! Gai and Kakashi also reveal that dreams do come true. Killer Bee reveals his dream of a middle-aged woman’s chest.

Tobi counters their point by telling them that individuality makes people blind to the truth. Tobi reveals that his words are the correct ones because his words are therefore from no one. Naruto quickly uses one of his Rasengan. to quickly attack and stop Tobi. Tobi stops Naruto in mid air, Naruto is pushed back. Tobi tells him that no one will touch the Gedo Mazo because the Ten Tails will be revived! Naruto 594 ends here!

That was seriously an epic chapter! Naruto is all fired up and ready to fight Tobi! Plus the revival of the Ten Tails will take some time which helps Kakashi to use the technique he has quickly, and hopefully stop the Revival! Hopefully Naruto will be able to crack the mask which Tobi has! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 595! It’s going to be epic!

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Naruto vs Tobi – Bijuu Mode vs Tobi’s Strongest Form

Naruto vs Tobi, possibly the fight that will either make or break Naruto as a series! Naruto’s Bijuu Mode is an overpowered form which was formed during the stage when Naruto and Kurama has successfully molded into each other to become one. Tobi’s Strongest Form hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s likely to be one heck of a jutsu or form which could make Tobi impervious to anything, possible his own Susanoo.

You might have wondered why I’m writing this post, well we haven’t actually seen Naruto and Tobi go on a one to one match have we? No, Tobi has been using the Jinchuuriki’s and their Beasts to defeat Naruto and Killer Bee. In this case, who do you personally think would take the title between these two fantastic ninja, Naruto and his Bijuu Mode or Tobi and his most Strongest Form?

Naruto’s new Bijuu Mode has some impressive power behind it. Naruto isn’t just able to move at the speed of near light, but can also move at a pace where Kakashi mistakenly thought Naruto was Minato! The Yellow Flash is possibly the quickest speed which was developed by Minato, Naruto’s Father. Naruto may be quick, but does he have the fire power? Hell Yeah! Featuring Kurama, Naruto is able to send a large Bijuu Dama, or a Beast Bomb directly at the enemy! Naruto’s Beast Bomb can be compared to that of 5 other Beasts Combined! Naruto’s Bijuu Mode is very similar to his last Chakra Mode. He has a necklace of shadowed magatama around his neck as well as a line that goes all the way to his shoulders. There is also a coat of chakra around him which lights up in yellow, as well as 2 parts of his hair grow out larger looking like horns. The whisker marks become thicker, he also wears a full black jumpsuit with the seal visible in his abdomens.

It’s currently unknown what Tobi’s Strongest Form is, but it’s likely to beat one that absolutely obliterates anything that steps in his pathway. There has to be a reason for why Tobi has gone into battle, possibly because he has an overwhelming amount of chakra which cannot be compared to anyone. He was able to control a Jinchuuriki as well as manipulate many other people which helped him to gained what he desired. During the point of war, Tobi has a completely new form. His mask changed to a light purple one (depicted as white in the anime) that covers the entire upper-half of his head with a design that more resembles the Ten-Tails’ single eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the centre, two of which make out the mask’s eye-holes while the third is painted on. He also started wearing Uchiha robes complete with the Uchiha crest on his back, belt sash, gloves and a purple bandanna that tapers off down to his back, as well as wielding a war fan near identical to Madara Uchiha’s, with the exception of being purple instead of orange. (Source: naruto.wikia.com)

Who you think would win the match between Naruto and Tobi? Comment using the comment box below to tell me who you think will be the victor of this battle!

Naruto vs Tobi Image by Lord-Nadjib, Naruto’s Bijuu Mode Image by Lariz19 and Tobi’s Image by Mikutashi.