Soldier in a Field of Scarecrows – Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi has gone from a ANBU to someone who was once known as the Hokage of the Leaf Village. He is known as someone who is not an Uchiha who can actively use Uchiha abilities given to him by his friend Obito Uchiha. He was one a tormented man who later became someone loved by the whole village.

This image of Kakashi was done by raging-akujiku who has a bunch of amazing artwork from the world of anime. If you like this, be sure to check out this and their other work. Otherwise be sure to share this with other fans of Naruto and Kakashi Hatake.

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  1. Hopeless Nerd

    Ahhh, Kakashi…I believe he was the first person I hated when I first started watching Naruto…of course I hated myself afterwards for hating him…he’s now one of my favorites.

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