Natsu’s Alive! Ravines of Time – Fairy Tail 534

Fairy Tail 534 see’s Zeref open the Ravines of Time within the doors of Fairy Tail HQ, and using those he’s about to go into it when Natsu rises from the ground as it seems that Lucy has succeeded in bringing him back. All while Jellal, Erza and others are trying to fight off Acnologia.

Fairy Tail 534 begins as we see Acnologia chasing down Erza and others. Jellal gets out and uses his Meteor to distract Acnologia but he just launches a breath of fire which incinerates the water beneath them and shakes the ship of Blue Pegasus. Jellal mentions that he’s facing someone that won’t even pay attention to him because he can quickly get rid of him easily, but he has to try as there will be nothing left if Acnologia exists.

Anna tries to open the ravines of time but cannot as Zeref is currently in control of it, he also senses that someones trying to open it. Zeref walks towards Fairy Tails door which he opens up as the the ravines of times. Once he passes through, he shall go wherever he desires, the world will crumble in the process.

He shall relive his life once more while keeping his memories, and thus shall make no mistakes. At the same time, Lucy notices that Natsu’s words are popping and thus uses her pen to start writing what all the notes and whatnot back onto the books. Anna mentions that the ravines of time have opened and that it’s right next to them.

Even Acnologia notices it, Jellal mentions that it’s up to him to lead Acnologia to it, thus shall try his best to push Acnologia towards it, even if he gets sucked into it, it shall be okay. Out of nowhere, Natsu raises from the ground as he mentions that Makarov once told him that whenever you pass through the door, it would be a call to mention that he shall come back, a vow to live. Lucy’s also done fixing Natsu’s book, all while she seems to have frozen as something takes her. Fairy Tail 534 ends here.

A bit of a meh chapter as it seems like a lot of it is being written for the sake of it, doesn’t seem like it’s progressing any further. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail 535, titled “The Strongest Power” shall be next week’s chapter, lets see what strange chapter it turns out to be.

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