Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World Novel Prepares For Release

Just yesterday I talked about the announcement of the title of the latest Bleach novel “Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World.” Today I am here to reveal even more information from the novel, and where it’s going to appear.

We already know that the novel will be revealed to us on the 28th of April by Ryohgo Narita. It will be serialised every other Friday on the Jump+ digital platform.

The above advertisement shows information about the upcoming novel, the translation can be seen below (credit to MissStormCaller):

Hisagi Shūhei, vice captain of squad 9 and editor-in-chief of the Seireitei communication, is the main character.
Rangiku: “wait a minute!! Why is Shūhei the main character!!
Shūhei: “it’s inevitable isn’t it?!! Even I would like to use Bankai!!”

An assassination attempt aimed at the four great noble clans. An unknown shinigami attacks the Quincy and the Arrancar that survived in Hueco Mundo. A rapidly growing, mysterious religious group in the Human World…The turmoil in each of the three realms of existence was rooted in the new head of the Tsunayashiro family, one of the four great noble clans. Apart from being a shinigami, Hisagi Shūhei approaches the case from a journalistic viewpoint. However, he does not yet know that he is trying to touch the fearful secrets of Soul Society itself…!!

Narita Ryohgo’s comment:
“Many scenes were based on directions I received from Mr.Kubo personally, I will do my best to be up to the task of extensively conveying the charm of Bleach even further!”

With that mentioned, what are your thoughts on this? Go ahead and comment down below and lets talk about the upcoming Bleach novel! It seems like it’ll be an awesome one.

Source: CR

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    Interesting. So they finally revealed the final noble family, the Tsunayashiro clan. However this criminal is must be who Shuuhei will fight and use Bankai against. Maybe they knew Kaname Tousen personally. This said they attacked the Arrancar and Quincy. So am I right in thinking that some Sternritter survived the Blood War?

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    1. Sunite

      I really want to see his Bankai, I hope it really it becomes one of the strongest abilities available.

      Maybe a Sternritter did survive, but I doubt they would especially when Yhwach sucked out the souls of every one of them just to gain their powers. Otherwise I think that it could be a Hollow who’s gotten very strong.

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        He’s definitely going to use it. I can’t wait for his Bankai. He’s probably going to fight another Shinigami sense they are attacking the Hollow and Quincy.

        Some Sternritter have survived having their powers stolen. I also doubt Kubo would kill off all the antagonists. He didn’t with Espada or Xcution. So I believe a few Sternritter survived


        1. Sunite

          Ah right, thats good point. In every fight, not everyone would die, so maybe you are correct. I hope to see more then whats described, like the new relationships and new people and such because this timeskip is kinda huge.


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