Natsu’s Dragon Power! Acnologia Chases Pegasus – Fairy Tail 531

Fairy Tail 531 focuses on the power Zeref has as it seems like he holds the Ravines of Time close to him, he is able to close it and prevent Acnologia being sealed. All while Acnologia himself chases down Pegasus’ ship after pissing him off. At the same time, Lucy and others open up Natsu’s END book to see whats inside, all while Mavis shows up and Natsu slowly transforms into a more dragonised form as his Dragon Slayer abilities begin to show.

Fairy Tail 531 begins as the guys in Blue Pegasus discuss their next move. Wendy is unsure about if she remembers Anna or not, it’s slowly coming to her, as this is the same for the others as they may not remember at all. Jellal and Erza don’t fully trust her either, but at this point in time, she is their only hope.

The other guys are ready, they punch the coordinates as they want to drive Acnologia into the Ravines of Time. They barrel roll as they miss the object, but Acnologia gets closer and closer. He touches it and a bright light appears. However, as the light disappears, Acnologia seems to have gotten a lot closer and jumps on the ship. They are shocked as the ravines of time hasn’t been activated.

Anna notices that the Ravines of Times hasn’t been activated, all while Zeref vs Natsu continues as he mentions that he was the one who found the Ravines of time. It is filled with unimaginably strong time magic, he shall take all of it and thus shall seal it off until he finishes Neo Eclipse. Acnologia continues to grab onto the ship while Ichiya is asked to destroy the lacrima which stabilises the Dragon Slayer’s stomach.

Jellal asks what they’re going to do now when Anna mentions that they’re going to rip open the ravines of time. Elsewhere, Lucy and others open up Natsu’s book as they notice a number of characters and letters. It’s all about Natsu, they notice something very curious, seems like they can see the point where Natsu’s future is being written.

Mavis arrives as Zeref notices that everything is ready. Th preparations for Neo Eclipse are complete. Natsu begins to show more and more power, he starts a flame which burns all his restraints when he tells Mavis to get back. Natsu mentions that he’s all fired up! Zeref notices mentions that the power of dragons seems to have activated. Fairy Tail 531 ends here.

Seems like we’ll be getting a super hot cover and colour title page, as well as a double chapter. The next few chapters will be good if I say so myself. Anyways, next week’s Fairy Tail 532, titled “I can no longer see love” seems like it’ll concentrate on Zeref.

There are 2 comments

  1. random ZimGuy

    King of dragons and herald of the apocalypse got motion sickness lmao. Is it me or Zeref has no idea Anna came to the present at all.


  2. LPEast

    I was hoping that Acnologia would be immune to motion sickness in his dragon from…another reason why I’m not bummed that the series is ending.
    We getting two chapters next week, good I really don’t want to see this dragging out….


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