Iwabe vs Boruto! Protecting Friends – Boruto 2

Boruto 2 focuses on Boruto and school. With Boruto and others getting started at school, we meet Iwabe who has failed numerous times from graduating the academy. Iwabe and Boruto fight, both face some challenges but Boruto wins while also protecting his friends.

Boruto 2 begins with an introduction to the current academic system with there being multiple ways and classes which have evolved from the Shinobi days. Seems like everyone notices that Boruto is back in the academy when he introduces himself to the class. Denki, Shikadai and Boruto all sit together, while Boruto is tired from Hinata teaching him at home when he was suspended.

Boruto and others overhear the others talking about how Boruto might by piggy backing on their parents name. Furthermore, Inojin walks up to Boruto and disrespect him as he says that he’s using his dads name to progress. Boruto tries to become friends but Inojin just smacks it away. Later on, Shino teaches the students and see’s their performance.

Iwabe is the top ranking individual there, during their lunch break, Boruto meets Iwabe who hates people who use their father’s name to get ahead. Iwabe is older and doesn’t seem to have graduated yet. Denki is also accused of this as it seems like Boruto helped him, Boruto then defends him and challenges him to a duel.

Shino walks into his class to see none of them there. They’re at the battleground, everyone seems to think that Boruto will lose. Iwabe seems stronger, but Boruto also has some tricks up his sleeve. After a little bit, we see that Boruto uses his clones to taken down Iwabe, which just makes him man and forces himself to use his weapon. Inojin sees this and quickly uses his Beast technique drawn onto paper and takes the weapon away.

Inojin mentions that if he was not fighting the system, he would have already graduated, this not being cool on his part. He even went as far as to use a weapon to make the fight unfair. Shino arrives and stops everything. Boruto seems to be popular, also Inojin seems to acknowledge Boruto after he tried to help out his friend in that fight, thus he wasn’t fighting for himself. Iwabe later returns to class, everything seems normal. Boruto 2 ends here.

A pretty good start, seems like we’re getting an introduction to most of these characters. Starting with Iwabe, but I think we’ll continue on with Metal Lee in next week’s Boruto 2, titled “Metal Lee goes Wild!” can’t wait!

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