Neo Eclipse! Ravines of Time – Fairy Tail 530

Fairy Tail 530 reveals two components within Fairy Tail that setups and puts everything into perspective in how it all seems to be going. Anna reveals her plan to trap Acnologia within the ravines of time while Zeref plans on using it to commence what he calls a Neo Eclipse to restart it all over again, where Acnologia will have no power, and Zeref will be mortal.

Fairy Tail 530 begins as everyone in Magnolia see’s 5 stars moving through the sky, some people think that it’s shooting stars but others notice that they’re climbing up. Underneath the castle, we see Layla as she is approached by Anna Heartfilia, it seems that she has opened the gate and allowed them to come in.

They mention that all five of the transported children have gone to other places, seems like it’ll take her a while to sort out. Anna explains her being there and how she passed on her messages to Layla and the Heartfilia family. Anna explains to Layla and Toma (King of Fiore) that she used the gate to get to the future where enough magic would be available for her plan to work.

She has comes from 400 years ago in the past. She cannot tell them her plans, but will do so in dear time. Layla also mentions that her reasoning for doing it then and there was for Lucy, her child, who she did not want to give her the responsibility of doing so. She wants her to live freely and choose her own path.

Anna thanks Layla for her generations hard work, while also mentioning that 400 years later, humanity and civilisation still remains. The fact that Acnologia has not yet done anything must be that he doesn’t want to kill humans. She cannot doubt it, thus Anna must carry on with her plans. Layla is told that she can go back and live her own life now, as Anna shall go back to do her own job, in proper procedure by first finding the children.

Anna also asks for Toma to destroy the gate, which clearly wasn’t done. Anna mentions that before they could reunite, Layla died. Anna mentions that the abnormal magic that flows through this time is something hard to describe, rather it’s a “magic of nothingness”, it has no place in this age. She was able to finally find it: The Ravines of Time!

As they travelled 400 years, it distorted time itself which caused something such as this. Within the ravines of time itself lies what is known as nothingness, no one can exist inside it, not even Acnologia. She suggests that they trap him in this nothingness of time. Anna mentions that she hid its existent thus no one had found out. It seems to act as a hole no bigger than a orange. But if you touch it, you’ll find your end.

They plan on placing the hole in front of them, miss it and let Acnologia hit it by mistake, thus he shall be pulled in. Seems like a simple plan but will it work. Lucy, Happy and Gray are together, seems like they all believe in Natsu and what Mavis had planned for them. Gray even has no need to mention Zeref’s plan as they trust Natsu. Natsu’s book of END is opened.

Natsu vs Zeref continues, seems like Natsu is tired. Zeref knows what he’d like to do, he wants to return to his normal self by using the Neo Eclipse. He wants to reset time itself and live again by returning when he was still mortal and a human, also it’ll allow him to kill Acnologia. Natsu tries to make Zeref think about all of them, Zeref doesn’t care and just wants to return again.

Natsu mentions that all this time they’ve been trying so hard, but Zeref just tells him that there are two things needed, the first is Mavis who is quickly approaching them. And the second is the Ravines of Time which shall aid in him doing this. Fairy Tail 530 ends here.

A relatively long chapter with a lot of information and plot twists. Seems like we’ll also be getting some Acnologia action in next week’s Fairy Tail 531, titled “Pegasus vs Black Dragon,” which I hope turns out to be good.

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  1. rise

    I’m so confused, the dragon slayer came through the gate at the same time, but sting and rogue were younger than Wendy before the 7 year time skip. It was only after the 7 year time Skip where the fairy tail members stayed the same age as sting and rogue grew up to their age. But if they were the same age when they came through the eclipse gate, then why was sting and rogue younger before the 7 year time skip?

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    1. Sunite

      I think you may have revealed a plot hole, I can’t seem to come with a reason to explain, unless Hiro himself didn’t expect this. Otherwise I don’t really know, maybe Hiro himself doesn’t care about their age, even when he depends on the timing and years so much.


    2. Chandler

      The things is that as revealed by Zeref, Natsu and Gajeel were the oldest of the 5 dragon slayers while Rogue and Sting looked up to them like big brothers. This might mean that Sting and Rogue were actually around Wendy’s age when they were sent through the Eclipse gate. However, as we know Sting and Rogue look around Natus and Gajeel’s ages during the GMG this could be because of the 7 year time gap that the Tenrou Island group experienced as Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy was also part of that group and all the members who were on Tenrou Island for those 7 years did not age at all during that 7 year period.


  2. ZaneXtreme

    well there bodys did not age does not mean they have not aged but still consider the year they were born being sealed in an ageless barrier does not mean they have not aged remember the gen 1 and 3 dragon slayers were sent 400 years into the future to stop Acnologia plus there should be a way how Natsu can live if he fought Zerif and not die.


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