Anna Heartfilia! Acnologia Approaches – Fairy Tail 529

Fairy Tail 529 revealed the mystery woman to be Anna Heartfilia. She explains her situation and what else she’s been doing all this time, and what her plan is with Acnologia. All while Natsu vs Zeref continues and Acnologia chases down Christina as they try to boost away from Acnologia as he slowly gets closer and closer.

The crew of Christina quickly step up and fly away from Acnologia. The ship goes crazy lefts and rights as they try to run away from Acnologia. There’s a point where Erza is on top of Jellal, which is kinda cute. Wendy is also confused after being on the ship, but the mysterious lady tells her that the ship they’re on was specifically built so that Dragon Slayers would be okay.

She tells Wendy to take a deep breath. The crew spin the ship and fire upon Acnologia but he just absorbs it and carries on. Then they fire 120mm rounds at him but it doesn’t do anything to him. He flies even faster so they decide to go at their own quick speed to get away from him. Wendy realises that the person in front of her is none other than Anna.

We learn that she is the ancestor of Layla and Lucy. She mentions that she’s gotten really big. Anna embraces Wendy while she mentions that she is upset that the dragons have left them. She is the one who instructed all of the dragon slayers on what needed to be done. She passed through the Eclipse gate to get to this era.

We move to Lucy and Gray as they hold the book of END as Lucy cries as she imagines that Natsu’s life is nothing but a book, how could something like this be. Natsu and Zeref keep fighting as he keeps getting darker and darker. He calls Natsu “END” over and over again while Natsu tells him that this is not his name.

Anna begins to explain that 400 years ago, they had no chance of defeating Acnologia. Thus they were entrusted everything for the future. They entered into the bodies of Dragon Slayers to come to the future. It was right for them to come to that time and place. Zeref made the gate and Anna opened it.

Zeref was completely engrossed in time, specifically going back to the past, but he still had hope in the future at the same time. The one they connected was with Layla, she was the exit of the Eclipse gate. Anna’s role was to be the one to explain and come with them at that time, to raise them, but due to a problem, they were separated.

It took them five years to pinpoint everyone’s location. But even after that, their lives and circumstances had changed. Thus she had waited for everything to smooth out while following the order and procedures. While she was in the middle of searching for them all, she discovered something unimaginable.

She doesn’t know if it was an accident of Eclipse or something else entirely, but “that thing” came to exist. She wasn’t able to come to reveal herself because of her own investigation, and taking the correct precautions. This thing is an enormous dangerous power, rather than a power, some might call it a concept. It is their only hope to seal Acnologia in the shadows of time. Fairy Tail 529 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like Anna already has some sort of plan to take care of Acnologia, but how long will it be for her to prepare and get rid of Acnologia like this. Nevertheless, seems like she could be referring to Mavis’ powers, maybe? Well, we’ll find out in next week’s Fairy Tail 530, titled “Neo Eclipse”, lets see how this goes.

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  1. rise

    I think it might be a place in eclipse where time does not exist or is infinite where finding an exit to be impossible, but this is just what I think
    However If acnologia truly is defeated this way, at least show a fight between natsu, zeref, and acnologia before he’s gone


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