New World Cat Burglar – Nami (One Piece)

Nami, the third member of the Straw Hat crew joined as a pirate and navigator for Luffy and others. She began her story with the Arlong Park crew when she was forced into working for them in order to horde as much money as she could to buy her freedom. However, this didn’t quite work out as she was betrayed. Nevertheless, from that point on, she’s come a long way to become the lead Navigator and has such a large bounty in the New World!

This fantastic artwork of Nami with her Clima-Tact was done by AnthonyGonzalesClark. It was drawn and inked on paper then coloured digitally. If you like what they’ve done, be sure to check out their other awesome Nami artwork. Otherwise be sure to share this with other fans of Nami and One Piece.

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